Is The Raspberry Ketone Hype All It Is Supposed To Be?

Commentary: Several of my friends have been encouraging me to try a new compound called "raspberry ketone" to keep my weight in check and to possibly lose the extra pounds I’ve been talking about losing. They’ve been telling me it’s the hottest new product for dieting in the United States. I’m leery about anything I put in my body and especially about the side-effects of a diet product so I decided to do some research on the product and the side-effects it may have on people.

In my opinion no-one should use any form of herbal or on-the-market diet product without first researching it thoroughly and also checking with your professional doctor prior to even considering taking it.

There are many critics who say the compound does cause people to lose weight and that researchers have revealed the nutrient is safe and effective. Studies conducted in Japan showed that the raspberry ketones are chemically similar to capsaicin, which is a form of heat generated from the chile pepper into a heating compound. It supposedly will increase fat oxidation (burns fat) that builds up in the body and the liver.

My researches led me to an article on the Internet site, Health Lifestyles.Com, stating in 2010 Korean researchers reported there was an increased fat cells` secretion of a hormone called "adiponectin" that regulated the process of sugars and fats in the blood as a person took raspberry ketones. The report also indicated the benefits of using raspberry ketones produced weight loss along with a reduction of the adominal fat and it had zero side effects too.

The article also stated that China did a study in 2012 and that they reported they had discovered raspberry ketones is responsible for several health benefits, i.e., insulin sensitivity, healthier cholesterol levels, and a reduction of fat levels in the liver. It also found that raspberry ketones do take off the pounds. 

It was also reported in the article that Lisa Lynn, a weight-loss expert and a television health contributor, had indicated some of her clients had tried the raspberry ketones and they had also lost weight within 5 days. Lynn also stated the compounds are healthy and without any side affects; and she also added, "The pills enable the body to burn fat easier because it is a stimulator causing production of adiponectin which is a hormone found in the fatty tissue of the body and it improves the ability to metabolize fat."

There have been arguments by some people that raspberry ketones could be a cause for people to lose too much weight for it to be offered as an over-the-counter product and that there should be regulations placed on the product to regulate it like Xenical and other prescription diet products to curb the appetite and to lose weight.

A study entitled "Anti-Obese Actions of Raspberry Ketones" which was published in the journal of Life Sciences, stating that researchers from Japan had found raspberry ketones appear to have a stronger effect which increased lypolisis (the burning of fat) within fat cells; and this caused Lynn to state that some of her clients did have results in 5 days and this is greater than most prescription diet pills.

It also pointed out in the article that some weight-management experts fear people who are lean and slim may take drastic actions to lose too much weight; thus, causing them to abuse the product of raspberry ketones.

A recent study also concluded that researches in the Norway’s Department of Public Health, found that almost one-quarter (23%) of people who were of normal-weight thought they were overweight and they will more than likely would misuse any type of diet aids in an attempt to lose weight. 

Lynn also pointed out that the slimming aid should be used only by people who are overweight and not by those people who do not need to lose weight.

There are a lot of people on the Internet who are praising their weight loss successes by taking raspberry ketones, and it is my opinion people should not jump too quickly but do their own research and also to talk with their professional doctor before starting any diet product or program.

Another tidbit of advice I’d like to share with readers is that many of the raspberry ketones advertised on the Internet come from China and it is made of a low-quality; and when purchasing any raspberry ketones, purchase it from a Nutritional Vitamin Store where its quality can be attested to by a nutritionist.

May I suggest people buy their raspberry ketones from manufactures in the United States because it is tested for quality control and potency and to ensure you’re getting a high quality poetency product.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article.

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