Jagti Township faces enormous hardships: Agnishekhar


Jammu, August 09 (Scoop News) – Panun Kashmir Convener Dr Agkhnishekhar  took serious note of  the  State Govt’s continued apathy and brazen neglect towards the plight of displaced Kashmiri Pandits living in so called Jagti Township who for the last over a fortnight are without drinking water supply.Eversince these Camp dwillers were shifted like herds from their respective Camps at Muthi,Purkhoo,Mishriwala etc,they have been put to face enormous hardships for want of adequate transport,electricity,medical facility and now continuous  non-supply of drinking water .


Dr Agnishekhar recalled how in the recent past two former Chairmen of National Human Rights Commission Justice Rangnath Mishra and Justice Anand at two different occasions had painfully described the living conditions of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits in the erstwhile Camps as ‘conditions akin to genocide’ and ‘animal existence’ . Cud anybody in the State Administration with human heart dare say that by shifting  these Camp dwellers to Jagti ,their living conditions have improved comparatively from that of old camp days so far as the availiblity of basic civic aminities are concerned.Kashmiri Pandits living there in Jagti shockingly term those very  days  in various camps  as better spent days.



Dr Agnishekhar said that the state of affairs that appears perversely contrary to what these poor inmates of Jagti Township expected of the powers that be at the helm of affairs.As per our servey and estimation,there are nearly 6 thousand old and infirm, above 4 thousand school going children and collegiats and above 2 thousand patients undergoing treatment in this Jagti cluster. Govt should have shown utmost respect to the basic Human Rights  of these Camp dwellers of  Jagti  who deserve  adequate electricity,water and other necessary aminities besides due attention.



Dr Agnishekhar further expressed his serious concern over the recent threatening letters sent to the Kashmiri Pandits reportedly by the terrorists asking them to leave the valley or face the consequences.The Govt has apparently underplayed the this issue thus keeping the valley Pandits in dilemma.In light of alarming threat perseption increased by the recent attacks on security personnel in the valley,repeated attempts of infiltration from accross the borders, Govt would be failing in its responsiblity if proper security is not ensured to these newly appointed KP youths under PM’s employment package whose helplessness caused due to unemployment and getting overaged forced them to accept the unconstitutional conditions attached to their job profile. He lamented the pro- govt role of the vested interests and all Kashmiri Pandit representatives  of the apex commitee in this regard.



While assuring all support to the non-camp migrants and relief holders who are fighting consistently for over due enhancement of cash relief to the tune of 15 thousands and allotment of quarters to all deserving families who have been putting up all these years in rented accomodation.Dr Agnishekhar urged the authorities to immediately restore the drinking water supply to the Jagti towmship failing which the hapless inmates  will come on streets to seek the justice.

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