Jesus Holy Commission


Salvation and your return to heaven is based upon your faith in Christ Jesus, His death and resurrection, but, not on good deeds. Good deeds will not get you salvation. Good deeds will not ensure that you return back to heaven.

Your Heavenly rewards on the other hand is definitely based upon good deeds and your work in helping to complete Jesus Holy Commission. Helping, loving, of your fellow man, and carrying out Jesus Holy Commission is an intrinsic part of the heavenly rewards earned while on earth.

Jesus Holy Commission:

MATTHEW: 28: 19-20

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all the things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the earth.”

This is neither a suggestion, nor a recommendation, nor a mere after-thought, from Jesus to His loyal apostles,disciples and followers. Jesus “Commands” this of all who would choose to follow Him.

This may be harsh to read, but as you know, I don’t mince words or pull my punches. I tell it like it is, and say it flat out, no sugar coating.

Therefore if you are going to call yourself a Christian “born again”, then you’d better be doing all you can to carryout this Holy Commission from Jesus, otherwise; How will you look Jesus in the eye, when you return to heaven, and to Him and The Father.

Are you a Christian “Born Again”? If you are not doing something, anything, to spread Jesus Gospel to those who need to hear it, you are nothing more than a “Closet, Want to be, Lukewarm, pretender. Jesus knows His flock.

Have you chosen to be a true Christian and follower of Christ Jesus and carry out Jesus Commission, or, are you a Christian in name, doing nothing to fulfill your obligation, hoping to slide by and just sort of slip into heaven when your day comes?

We all live up to Our Father’s “10 Commandments”. We have no choice because they were made into the “Laws of the Land”, by man. We all do our best to live up to Jesus Commandment of Loving our neighbor, and our enemy, although loving our enemy is not so simple and easy.

But the fact is, we put hardly any effort at all into The Commandment, Jesus Commissioned us as Christians to, to Baptize all who are not baptized and have a desire to be, and to spread Jesus Holy Gospels to all who would listen.

Jesus promises us that He will return and that He will make right all of the misery and turmoil, brought on by satan, but His return is directly dependant upon the completion of this Command His Holy Commission to us as true followers and Christians. His Will Must be carried out.

We as Christians know that through Jesus, our spiritual salvation is guaranteed. BUT, once in heaven, your rewards, are dependant upon all the good deeds you did while alive. Every good deed, every person returned to God through you, has a heavenly reward that is stored up for you. Heaven’s treasures are bountiful and ever so easy to earn.

Are you fully aware of this command by Jesus to you? and if so: Are you doing everything you possible can to carryout your obligations concerning this command?

Are you aware that “You” have the right and the obligation, if asked, to baptize anyone who might ask to be baptized? I’m not saying guide them to some preacher to get baptized but to actually perform a baptism ceremony. Jesus didn’t say to talk someone into getting baptized and then take them to someone else, He said, do it.

If somebody approaches you and desires to talk about God, Jesus, and /or, the Bible scriptures, your beliefs, your faith, are you Hot, Cold or Lukewarm with these people when it comes to dealing with Christian topics?

Can you talk with these people without tripping over your tongue, or do you take them or direct them to someone else because you are to shy, or scared or lack the confidence and or knowledge to deal with such a conversation.

When people approach us like this, if we are truly Christian, it should fill us with a special feeling of pride that they sought us out. We should be bubbling with confidence and a readiness to show them that with the help of The Holy Spirit we are enthusiastic about God, about our beliefs and our faith, and that we are ready to do our best to help these people as best we can.

If someone approaches you in confidence with a problem, do you offer to pray with them? Do you have your Bible with you and suggest a certain scripture you feel might be helpful? OR, Do you sort of hum and haw, and try and change the subject? Do you try to get an answer for them? How do you handle something like this.

Do you approach people who are “New Comers” to your community and new visitors to your church and introduce yourself to them? You never know where when or how God will ask you to serve and present an opportunity to spread His Word fulfilling Jesus Commission.

As a singer with two choirs in two different churches, I am often approached by visitors in the parish or newcomers, commenting on the choir and my voice and my enthusiasm when I sing. We talk on the music in general, or a piece of particular music that caught their attention or that they happen to like.

This open many different avenues and doors for me to fulfill Jesus Commission, especially if I can get them to join me for a coffee, after the service at a nearby coffee shop, where we can feel relaxed and ease into things.

When I was in the workforce, I boldly made it known to The Boss, to my Supervisor or supervisors and to my fellow employees, that I was a Christian, that I sang with two choirs, and that I refused, on religious grounds to accept any shift on Sunday, as Sunday is my Sabbath.

The boss was understanding, the supervisors respected me as did my fellow employees and often employees would come to me for help and guidance. God opened many a door for me to serve His Will.

It is our duty and obligation to Our Lord Jesus Christ to do our very best, in every opportunity presented us to do our share in the fulfilling of Jesus Holy Commission if we are to truly be seen as Christians born again in Christ Jesus. To do anything less would be a lie and a sin before God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That is not something I would ever want hanging over my head.

God has His ways of putting us in just the right place, at just the right time, with just the right person, who is eager, ready and hungry, to learn about Jesus. We as Christians Born Again must always be prepared to serve wen called. There can be no excuses.