Jesus Prays For Glorification For Himself, And His Apostles, And Man

We can only guess and imagine the sounds from heaven and the choir of angels singing to hearld the arrival of Jesus on the eve of His birth 33 years prior to His triumphant resurrection.

The music of heaven must have been deafening, when Jesus took his rightful place sitting on the throne at the right hand of The Father, Almighty God, 43 days after His death.

Prayer was an intricate part of Jesus, and His life while on earth with man and with His apostles.

Through each of the Gospels, Jesus apostles relate to us, that with each and every miracle performed by Jesus that they were witness to, Jesus offered up a prayer to Our Father God, asking God to carry out the miracle, thus glorifying the Father, instead of the Son.

Jesus last night on earth, prior to his crucifixion was no different.

Jesus seeks to announce to His Father, Our Father, that he was near completion of His earthly duties and about to take on that assignment for which he had been sent to carryout, that being his death and resurrection.

It is seldom mentioned or discussed, exactly what transpired between Jesus and His eleven remaining Apostles, after Jesus shares the "Last Supper" with them, prior to Jesus going to the Garden of Gethsemane, to pray and to be handed over to Caiaphas’s priests, pharisees and soldiers.

The Apostle John, is the only apostle, whose gospel details for us what transpiried and it is through John’s gospel we discover how selfless Jesus was even up to the end. We also see the importance Jesus palces upon prayer, and upon the glorification of God the Father.

In JOHN: 17: 1-26; we can see first hand. JOHN: 17: 1-2 Jesus lifting his eyes to heaven and to Father God, begins by praying to Almighty God, to Glorify Jesus, and in doing so, Jesus can extend eternal life over His apostles.

In the continuation of this prayer Jesus expresses to The Father that all that Jesus was asked to do as far as teaching the apostles and the people Jesus has carried out, except for the final act of His crucifixion and resurrection which is soon to take place, so that sin and death, and hell can finally be defeated.

Jesus continues this prayer, and as we see in JOHN: 17: 20; Jesus extends his prayer to Our Father, to be extended over each and every person who believes in Jesus, through the preachings of His Apostles.

This prayer by Jesus to Our Father, serves to sanctify and glorify the eleven remaining apostles as well as permits for all who choose to believe and accept Jesus as the Son of God and accept his crucifixion and resurrection for the remission of all sin and the defeat of death as fact, to become adopted into Jesus through Faith unto eternal life.

Through this prayer and through our faith and acceptance of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Jesus, we become Born Again in Christ, aka. Christian. Our Father God no longer sees us as sinners, but sanctified, cleansed redeemed through the blood of the Lamb of God, the First Born of God, Jesus and we take our righteous, rightful place at Jesus side as joint heirs and children of Almighty God.

Jesus, through his compassion for both his apostles and mankind accepts his responsibility to receive all of our sins for all time.