JK BJP demands body of Chamel Singh, killed in Pak jail

Jammu, February 20,(Scoop News) – The inhabitants of the villages of Nikowal, Pargwal, Najwal, Rangpur, Gura and Anaspura demonstrated against the callous attitude of the powers that be in not forcefully claiming the body of the slain Indian National hailing from Pargwal from Pakistan who had mistakenly crossed to the other side and was captured. This massive demonstration was led by State in charge Cells and former General Secretary of State BJP Sat Sharma(CA) and Jai Singh, Mandal President Pargwal who sharing the anguish and indignation of the people over Pakistan’s high headedness and our country’s total indifference and weakness over this issue.

It has been the habit of the belligerent neighbor, Sat Sharma wondered that like the beheading instance of our Indian Jawans two months back Pakistani authorities did not handover the severed head to the family of the Jawan, in the same fashion the body of the brutally killed Chamel Singh has not been handed over to his relatives.


Sat Sharma cautioned the State and the Indian government to abandon the knee weak policy in dealing Pakistan. Sharma said at the moment we are not even questioning the circumstances in which Chamel Singh was killed in cold blood but we only want at the moment his body to be handed over to his family to enable them perform his last rites. Sharma assured the agitating villagers of Pargwal and other adjoining villages who had assembled in large numbers to protest against the ghastly incident of murdering Chamel Singh and overall not to hand over the dead body.


Sat Sharma also assured the people that BJP is committed to take up the matter at the highest level and shall not rest till the matter was resolved as per the aspirations of the family and the people here. The villagers were all in unison in condemning Pakistan, its anti India stance since its birth and moreover inhuman tactics employed by it even in matters of disposing of the dead bodies.  Sat Sharma and Jai Singh also visited the victim’s family and while comforting them assured all possible help in securing the dead body as also other measures providing relief to the family.



Jai Singh mentioned that a same incident occurred few days back in the Rajouri District in Lam area of Nowshera where one soldier entered Indian territory and was killed and the body of the soldier was returned with full honors to the Pakistan government. The Pakistan government should also learn lesson from such things and should hand over the body of Chamel Singh to the family.


The deceased’s wife who was all in tears and in deep shock wondered what fault her husband had committed for which he was killed and worst the body not handed over to us. The mails and the correspondence which the deceased’s family had made with the High Commission of India were also shown to the media persons by Kamlesh Devi, wife of the deceased.


The demonstrators raised slogans against Pakistan and burned Pakistani flag as well near the Border area.


In addition to the demonstrators prominent people who took part in the demonstration including Rakesh Singh, Rajesh Singh, Dara Singh, Deepak, Babbi, Balwan Singh, Multaan Singh, Ghaar Singh, Ramesh Sharma, Munish Kumar, Karan Sharma.