J&K CM bats for Congress candidates in Jharkhand


December 16 (Vijay Kumar) – Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah on Wednesday asked the people of Jharkhand to reject the preachers and teachers of divisive politics. “This is in favour of both the country and the individuals”, he stressed.

          Addressing election meetings at Barkhata, Chatarpur, Bavannathpur and other places in Jharkhand today, Omar campaigned for Congress asking the voters to exercise the right to franchise in large numbers in favour of the Congress candidates.

“We have to strengthen the secular ethos of India by lending whole hearted support to the forces representing the country’s rich traditions of brotherhood and amity and believing in equitable development of all areas and communities without any consideration”, he emphasized.

           Omar said, “National Conference has entered into a coalition with Congress in Jammu and Kashmir as both the parties share common ideology of secular democratic politics and treat all sections of the society equally”. He underscored the need for unity between believers of a casteless society where every citizen irrespective of his faith, region or caste enjoys equal opportunity for progress and development.

          Reminding the people of the ill consequences of gun culture and violence,  Omar said gun has, neither in the past, been the solution to any problem nor will in future solve any issue. “It only creates bloodshed, hampers development and destroys the future”, he said adding that every issue, howsoever complex it may be, could be solved through dialogue.

           Omar said that most of the areas in Jharkhand are under-developed and backward. “You have to choose a government that will assure equitable development for all areas without any consideration of religion or community”, he said adding that Congress represents the aspiration of people and stands for development of all areas equally. “You need better hospitals, road communication, educational institutions, water supply and irrigation systems. Your politics should be to achieve this goal fast. You should not get divided for petty considerations and in the name of caste or religion”, he said and advised the people to exhibit their wisdom and resolve in rejecting the forces who nurture hatred.

          The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said that the UPA Government at the centre has given new dimension to the country’s socio-economic development. “India is a fast emerging economic power in the world. Its importance has been recognized world over”, he said attributing this to the efforts of Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson, s. Sonia Gandhi. He said that the faster development of Jharkhand is in the success of Congress at the state. “The state government in complete cooperation and cohesion with the Union government could catapult the progress of the state”, he said.

           Omar asked the people to extend their hand to Congress to seek the peace, prosperity and development of entire Jharkhand. “Your vote to Congress means vote to development, secularism, brotherhood and communal amity”, he maintained

           Abdullah said that certain politician want to thrive on flaring up emotions, playing communal cards and creating tension in the name of caste and creed. “This is nothing but to divide the people for vote gain politics. You have to reject this kind of policy and stood like a rock against those who indulge in dividing the people for vested interests”, he said.