JK CM surrendered before corrupt politicians & Bureaucrats:Vakil


Srinagar, October 16(Scoop News) -   Former Minister and Member AICC Abdul Gani Vakil today in a statement expressed shock and surprise over the statement of chief minister Omar Abdullah that tackling corruption in a coalition government was an "impossible" task. Omar had said that coalition governments would not be able to fight corruption as many compromises have to be made in a coalition set-up.

          Regretting over such a shocking and what he called irresponsible statement, Vakil said that it seems that Omar Abdullah has completely surrendered before the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who are looting the state exchequer at their whim.  He said that “coalition” is no excuse and can not be any hurdle in curbing corruption if one is determined to uproot corruption from the system.


Such statements, Vakil said demoralizes honest and dedicated persons who are fighting a virtual war against corruption. In a state where chief minster prefers to drop sanction against corrupt ministers or keeps sitting on files of corrupt bureaucrats or ministers then only fight against this menace gets weakened and this is what is happening in Jammu and Kashmir State.

          The former minister said that despite being in coalition and that too of many parties the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government did not hesitate in taking action against top bureaucrats and ministers. In some cases many politicians and bureaucrats were even sent behind bars which set at rest the statement of chief minister Omar Abdullah that in an era of coalition corruption can not be fought.

He said that prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi did not spare even their own party people like chief minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan, senior Congress leader Suresh Kalmadi or for that matter telecommunication minister A Raja when there names had surfaced in corruption.

          He said Deputy Chief Minster of Maharashtra too had to submit his resignation over allegations of corruption and there also Congress was in coalition.

          He urged the chief minister Omar Abdullah to not to kneel down before corrupt and instead show some spine to deal with such corrupt people and land grabbers who are eating into the vitals of the society. He said that state government had from time to time prepared lists of corrupt but never bothered to make the same public to nail them.

 Vakil said that chief minister will have to show strong will and determination and launch a crusade against corruption for which entire UPA leadership including Congress leaders from Jammu and Kashmir are with him. Chief Minister instead of bending before this mafia must act tough and not show his helplessness in dealing with corrupt. This is again strange that many ministers and bureaucrats against whom cases were established in SAC had managed to get a stay from the high court.

          Vakil stressed upon chief minister to restrain from issuing such statements for which they demoralize the party cadre as well as those working in the system.  Read More at http://scoopnews.in/det.aspx?q=24604