J&K Congress dubious standards:Bhim



  Srinagar, October 29 (Scoop News) –  Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party expressed surprise and anguish on the mischievous and dubious standards of J&K Congress leaders who have bowed so low before NC leaders even licking Chief Minister’s boots for power on the one hand, on the other complaining against the Chief Minister that they were not even consulted on the issue of AFSPA.

"They have been dancing to the tune of young Abdullah to seek favourable ministries, doles and favours and aligning in all the corrupt deeds of the Chief Minister. They managed to get hold of the Chairmanship of Legislative Council with only number two status. It is for the first time the history of Legislative Council that it functioned without a Chairman for three years only because Omar Abdullah rejected their wish. The Congress stood helpless rather surrendered to National Conference when a resolution for a favour to a convict was brought in the House. Frustrated and downgraded Congress resorted to hooliganism on the floor of the Legislative Assembly under an irrelevant excuse only. Disgraced Congress leadership in the State stood faceless when an amendment was proposed in the Assembly to disintegrate it from the rest of the country. The Congress lost its credibility as they had to swallow the kicks of the Chief Minister while he was speaking inside the Assembly declaring that integration of J&K with India was not complete. The Chief Minister is following his agenda which he has committed to ISI. He even aligned with Jamat-e-Islami and Hizbul Mujahideen by provoking the students to throw stones on the Security Forces. Now, he has taken up Indian Army. His sensational accusation against the Indian Army that Army was responsible for the blasts on Lal Chowk last week was sufficient evidence of his seditious acts for his immediate dismissal. He has even threatened the Union of India of a revolt if Indian Army Special Act is not withdrawn. It is painful for the people of this country and shameful for the State Congress leadership to support Omar Abdullah as a Chief Minister who has committed sedition against the country which amounted to waging war against the sovereignty of the country. How shocking it could be that all the nationalist political parties are keeping quiet.

One group of the Congress actors led by State President has joined issues with the Chief Minister claiming that the Congress was not consulted on the issue of Armed Forces Special Act. The State Congress deserves immediate overhauling in the national interest as there has arisen and alarming situation and threat to the internal and external security of the State. Omar Abdullah has become security risk who can no longer be trusted to uphold the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country. He has surpassed his grandfather, Sheikh Abdullah even who had made a slight remark on Accession in 1953. His close-friend and die hard supporter, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, got him dismissed within 24 hours and jailed. The Congress leadership has adopted a dubious standards to stick to power so that they could share partnership with Omar Abdullah in the loot of the public exchequer as they have been doing for the past 64 years. The State Congress has sacrificed the interest of the people and the country only to gain small favours like liquor shops, licences for private colleges, housing plots, admission for their children in the professional institutions and the like. It is a time that the present Congress Committee in J&K is wounded up, Omar Abdullah is dismissed as Chief Minister.

The J&K Governor, Mr. N.N. Vohra should exercise the power vested in him u/s. 92 of the J&K Constitution on the ground that Government has failed in all fields and has not been functioning in accordance with the Constitution as the Chief Minister has himself challenged the Accession and accused Indian Army", Said Bhim Singh in his statement.