JK Govt. according legtimacy to separatists : Dr. Jitendra


Jammu, October 22 (Scoop News)- BJP J&K Chief Spokesperson & National Executive Member Dr. Jitendra Singh has accused the Chief Minister of setting a dangerous precedence by according legitimacy to extra-constitutional authority of separatist leadership by offering himself answerable to Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s diktats and going to the extent of placing state helicopter at the disposal of Geelani for the latter to conduct arial inspection of Amarnath tract to satisfy his personal whims, fancies and fundamentalist  views on the issue.

Dr. Jitendra Singh said that having been sworn under the oath of Constitution, a minister or a Chief Minister is expected to act as custodian of Constitution. To that extent, it would have been more appropriate if the Chief Minister had declared that his government would abide by the directives and guidelines of the Supreme Court and make improvements in the Amarnath Yatra facilities accordingly, he added.

Questioning the propriety of such irresponsible statements, Dr. Jitendra Singh asked whether the Chief Minister would also make an offer to social and religious leaders associated with Amarnath Yatra to use state helicopter to ensure that the work on the track proceeds according to their requirements and  as per directions of the Supreme Court? Does the CM also find himself similarly answerable, vulnerable and defensive while supervising arrangements for Haj pilgrimage, he asked and said, does this imply that the CM of the state is himself falling in the trap of politics motivated by divisive and communal considerations?

Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the NC leaders are never tired of labelling the BJP as a divisive party while their own ministers have been constantly issuing divisive statements even on the floor of legislative assembly.

Dr. Jitendra Singh also questioned the scientific basis of opposing the construction of permanent track enroute Amarnath and argued that if felling of thousands of trees during construction of Mughal Road and construction of Gandola at Gulmarg did not interfere with environment or ecology, how would construction of a track along Amarnath? He also cited the example of concrete track enroute Vaishno Devi Shrine with not even a single complaint so far of any ecological damage.


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