JK Govt in comma: PDP



Srinagar, November 09 (Scoop News)- Expressing deep anguish at the deteriorating position of power supply PDP has said it was amazing that the power development department was unable even to charge uniform tariff from the consumers of same category. During her day long tour of Anantnag constituency the party president was informed that electricity fee was charged at different rates from the consumers and when she contacted top electric department officials they could provide no explaination for this. In a statement here today Mehbooba said that this government was blind to the problems faced by the people but it was taking a more cruel turn every day for every body.

She said on the one hand the government has been unable to fix the gas crisis and on the other it has been depriving people of power supply which has now become worst ever since 2003. She said given the climatic conditions of Kashmir and ensuing winter people could face real threat to their lives in absence of any fuel options.

She said it was amazing that various departments under one administration had apparently not even a working contact as is evident from the theatre of absurd being enacted in the name of streamlining the gas supply. The police she said had rightly refused to handle the sale of this essential commodity but the government it seems has developed a habit of handing over all its problems to men in uniform. “It seems the government which was paralysed for three years is now in complete coma”, she said.

During the visit  to Anantnag Mehbooba went around various localities and villages including T B Shah, Muniwara, Nowathoo, Hanji Danter, Mir Danter, Bangidaar, Kamad, Wanihama, Pethdialgam, Kabamarg, Gund Fatehpora, Fatehpora, Gundi Jaffar and Kuchipora .

She urged the administration to immediately start work on some important road links including Muniwara T B Shah Road, Schichen Dialgam Road and Danter road. She also urged them to provide adequate supply of water supply to people of Danter, Nowathoo and Kuchipora and Gund Fatehpora.


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