J&K Panthers asked Indian govt. to Stop glorification of militancy




Jammu, February 16 (Scoop News) -Harsh Dev Singh, MLA and Working Chairman of JKNPP urged upon the government to first come out with a white paper on the conduct and role of surrendered militants in the past giving also the details of financial and other incentives provided to them as also the instances of approbation or reprobation of the said policy in the past.  He said announcements of sops and doles for ultras with so much of pomp and fanfare would only tantamount to glorification of militants and militancy and could prove counter productive in the process of elimination of insurgency. 

Addressing press conference in Jammu today Harsh Dev called upon the state and central government to spell out the contours of the proposed surrender cum rehabilitation policy for militants and to refrain from embarking upon any such misadventure particularly in the present scenario where terrorists attacks have occurred at various places and claimed several innocents lives in the country including Pune. 


  Harsh Dev Singh wondered as to how the Union Government which was earlier skeptical even with regard to use of pre-paid mobile phones in the state and had banned the same on grounds of security, had shown over zealousness in the recall and rehabilitation of militants who had crossed over to the other side of border with an intention to seek armed training and wage a war against India.  He said the proposed move of rehabilitation of ‘Jehadis’ in the backdrop of the present situation defied all logic and could prove counter productive and highly prejudicial to the security of the state and of the nation.  He said the very idea of rehabilitation of terrorists waging war against India is perverse, ill timed, ill conceived and opposed to national interest and is fraught with dangerous portends that threatens stability and unity of the country. 


He said we have right to know how many militants had expressed their desire to surrender and who would guarantee their conduct.  He said the government was further required to indicate the salient features of the proposed surrender policy, the amnesty scheme, the rehabilitation measures and the incentives contemplated and then go for a political consensus on the issue at the state and the national level before proceeding further as the issue could lead to serious repercussions and communal conflicts at the state and national level.


Harsh further pointed out that the ‘Resettlement Act’ which too provided for the return and rehabilitation of all those who had voluntarily crossed over to Pakistan in 1947, had been stayed by the Supreme Court on a petition of JKNPP. He said the proposed move of the government is a mischievous attempt to implement the said anti-national Resettlement Act under the guise of ‘surrender policy’ which shall have serious ramifications if implemented.


He castigated the state and central governments for giving precedence to the rehabilitation of militants over the issue of rehabilitation Refugees of 1947 and thereafter even the safe return and rehabilitation of five lacs Kashmiri Pandits who deserve first attention.


He said that the PM’s Working Group no. 1 headed by Hamid Ansari had categorically recommended that the issue of West Pakistan Refugees of 1947 for grant of ‘state subject’ rights be settled once for all.  He regretted that the Congress-NC coalition government had maintained a criminal silence over honourable and just rehabilitation of POK refugees whose rehabilitation and settlement was also recommended by the said working group.  Nearly one million of them have not been settled in 62 years.


 Sounding a note of caution to the union government,  Singh said that the Congress party in the state had totally surrendered before NC, its coalition partner in J&K and was playing a second fiddle to the latter quite unmindful of the urges and aspirations of the people who had voted it to power. He said the indecision, inaction and subordination of the Congress and its over whelming support to NC’s agenda at the cost of national interest as well as of its own manifesto could prove to be the last nail in the coffin of congress which was already on ventilators and was fast losing its credibility.