JK Panthers demonstrated agasnist OIC & also demanded de- recognition of OIC from the panel of UN



Jammu, October 7,(Vijay Kumar) -Taking strong note of the interference by the OIC in the internal affairs of India large number of activists of Panthers Party led by State President Balwant Singh Mankotia on Wednesday held a massive demonstration against OIC in front of UN (United Nation) peace keeping force  office at Jammu .The protestors after burning the effigy of the OIC also demanded de- recognition of OIC from the panel of UN. 



A memorandum by the President of the Panthers Party was also submitted to the Secretary General to UN office Jammu urging the UN General Secretary Wankimoon to terminate the recognition of OIC from the list of recognized groups in the UN



 Interacting with the media persons Panthers party chief Balwant Singh Mankotia made it clear that their party would not tolerate any kind of interference by the OIC in the internal affairs of the India.


He said, OIC is an islamic organisation and is confined to Islamic nations and has no role  to play in the internal affairs of the Secular India. He said we strongly condemn the OIC statement.


The Panthers Party accused the OIC for playing the game of ISI to support terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and create communal conflict.  The memorandum said that OIC has submitted to the UN that it shall fight against terrorism but it is supporting terrorism in J&K thus interfering in the internal affairs of India by appointing an envoy for J&K, where OIC has no locus standi to intervene in Indian affairs.  


The Panthers Party also accused OIC for having failed to defend Muslims of Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Seria, and Afghanistan against US and Israeli aggression

The prominent Panthers Party leaders who accompanied the State President M/s. S. Daljit Singh, Vice-President, Ms. Anita Thakur and H.C. Jalmeria Adv. General Secretaries, Vilakshan Singh, State Secretary, Raghubir Singh Billowria, Provincial Vice-President, Rajinder Manhas, President Haq-Insaf-Markaz, Khajoor Singh, Provincial Vice-President, Rajesh Padgotra, S.D. Khajuria and Ashok Bhagat Adv, Provincial General Secretaries, Shakti Gupta District President Jammu City, Shanker Singh Chib, District President Jammu Rural, Sewa Singh Bali, District President Ramban, Rakesh Gupta, State Secretary (Young Panthers), Raghubir Singh, Manoj Gupta, Provincial Secretary (Young Panthers), Anil Rakwal, District Secretary, Ravinder Singh Jamwal, Harminder Singh (Tempo) Rajinder Singh Padha, Arvind Choudhary, Balbir Singh Jamwal, Kulbir Singh, Pado Ram.