JK Police committed for public service: Prasad

Jammu, December 31 (Scoop News) –The Director General of Police (DGP), Ashok Prasad said that after creating conducive atmosphere, the force is constantly maintaining pressure on the anti-national elements and is also focusing on public service and professional policing. While the force put forward its best professional efforts to contain emerging situations, the cooperation from all sections of the society was the critical factor behind our success in meeting these challenges, big and small, said the DGP. He said that the selfless dedication and professional expertise of all ranks of JKP helped provide a conducive atmosphere which in turn provided a supportive environment for activity in every field of life during the bygone year. Consequently, we have witnessed full time developmental, educational and business activities. A sense of security has prevailed which was reflected in the arrival of a record number of more than 13 lakh tourists and 6.21 lakh Amar Nath Ji pilgrims during the year, boosting economy in the region.

Elaborating the achievements of the Organization, the DGP said that after emerging as one of the finest counter insurgency in the world and in the country, Jammu and Kashmir Police has been focusing on restoring an environment conducive to lasting peace. Considerable efforts and planning has gone into heating skills aimed at promoting basic professional policing invoking delivery of public service, maintenance of order and crime control. Our training institutions have been upgraded and latest techniques of investigation and crime detection have been introduced in the syllabus of different training courses. He said that greater emphasis has been laid on upgrading the six police training institutions and one police academy to train the police personnel with latest technology and advanced weaponry. Conventional curricula have been modified, wherever required, to make it capable for meeting the latest requirements. Various special training courses have been introduced in these training institutions to equip the personnel with the skills of investigation and crime detection. During the year, more than 11,000 jawans and officers were imparted training in different skills and deployed in varied areas of policing. In addition 650 personnel were deputed for special technological skills outside the state and abroad, said the DGP.

 Prasad said that in order to boost the morale of police personnel, various welfare schemes have been introduced to benefit the personnel, their families and the wards of martyrs. He asserted that the Organisation is committed to do more in the future for the welfare of jawans and officers. He said that during the year 2012 more than Rs.18 crores were sanctioned for the welfare of serving and retired personnel including the SPOs and their families. This includes special welfare relief, ex-gratia relief, retirement gifs, medical reimbursements, welfare loans and scholarships to the wards of serving, deceased personnel.     

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