J&KCM’s statement brain child of centre,Sack Foreign Minister :BJP & Panthers

Jammu, October 16 (Scoop News) –J&K BJP today said that J&K CM Omar Abdullah’s statement over accession is brain child of centre government While Panther Party urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to sack S.M. Krishna, Foreign Minister for his highly irresponsible statement.

In a statement BJP State Spokesperson Ramesh Arora said that Omar Abdullah’s statement over accession, is brain child of centre government. S.M. Krishna Minister of External Affairs have endorsed the same.Both leaders should read the history. Instrument accession was consent to acceed to either nation India or Pakistan. Congress working committee have resolved unanimously and accepted the Division of country,he added.
Arora said both leaders should know that facts can not be changed by putting a challenge to the same. BJP will not tolerate any type of compromise over the accession of state with India.
Arora said that there were 562 Princely states out of which 7 went to Pakistan 555 including Jammu and Kashmir have consented to merger with Bharat. Later in 1954 the portion under the French government and in 1960 those under the Portugueses government were finally merged with India.
Hence, Omar Abdullah should under stand that accession was not followed by merger. Accession itself include merger in its defination.
Arora further said the both leaders must be aware about the 22nd Feb. 1994 resolution passed by Parliament in joint session over the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. Resolution says that only dispute with Pakistan is to get back PoK.
Such unwanted remarks will not solve problem but are ment to appease Muslim fundamentalist. We must understand that disturb area covers only 10% of the total territory of Kashmir and hardly 15 % of the totall population 85% are suffering due to Kashmir centric wrong policies ment to appease separatist.
Arora warned stated government not to adopt such approach which endanger the unity of state with rest of the contry.
Omar Abdullah has taken oath under constitution of J&K which says J&K is integral part of India. Hence, it cannot be a matter of dispute.
Arora further said come what may, we will fight all those forces who will put question mark over the accession signed on 26th Oct. 1947.

Meanwhile Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, JKNPP urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to sack S.M. Krishna, Foreign Minister for his highly irresponsible, misleading and anti-national statement, he made while praising J&K Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah for declaring that J&K is not integral part of India. Mr. S.M. Krishna while justifying Abdullah’s statement declared that J&K was never integral part of India. The Panthers Chief said that this statement was given wide publicity on the electronic media on All India Radio and Doordarshan so that entire country including the people of J&K should believe that J&K is not integral part of India rather ‘disputed’.

Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Prime Minister to relieve such a minister from the cabinet who has challenged the integrity of the country. He said that both J&K Chief Minister and Foreign Minister have committed seditious act and cannot be forgiven. Panthers Chief reminded the Prime Minister that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India got J&K Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah dismissed and arrested in 1953. Sheikh Abdullah had made a statement in a public meeting in R.S. Pura on 8th August, 1953 that he is thinking to review the constitutional relationship with the Union of India. Pt. Nehru didn’t wait for 24 hours and Sheikh Abdullah a life-long and trusted friend of Nehru was dismissed and thrown in jail. He was brought from jail by Mrs. Indira Gandhi only when the Sheikh agreed to work as Chief Minister.

Prof. Bhim Singh appealed Panthers Party workers to refrain from taking to the streets on the issue rather advice them to prepare for the celebration of National Integration Day on 26th & 27th October, 2010, the occasion of 63rd Accession Anniversary with the Union of India.