Joe Wilson’s Comments: Much Ado Really About Nothing

For Any And All American Conserve-ative Constitutionalists:

All the liberal mainstream and citizen journalists sites today are abuzz with the claimed "outburst" of Joe Wilson, House representative from South Carolina, during Mr. Obama’s "sell ObamaCare" message and address to Congress last evening, which of course was really no Congressional address at all but another appeal to the masses for another of Washington’s "in your face" agendas and programs at the expense of the taxpayers most of all.

This "health care reform" could better be described as "health care deform" at this point, since most of all those that were consulted were the industry representatives that have thus far created this scenario where many in America at the present time, even if they do have health care coverage, are finding those benefits shrinking year after year, while their costs continue to escalate.

Twenty four hour childbirths and mastectomies have now become the norm, to the point where we now have an infant survival rate that is actually lower than Cuba’s, after all.

So has the impact now on quality of care of doctors scheduled for seven or eight heart surgeries in a row in many of these corporately run hospitals and health care networks at the present time. And "staff" infection rates as a result becoming more and more common contracted at those hospitals due to these almost assembly line operations.

Several years ago my brother-in-law went in for arthroscopic surgery due to a basketball injury he suffered, only to have to then be hospitalized thereafter with a staph infection contracted at the clinic in which he had the original procedure done.

During one of the two of my mother’s recent heart surgeries, the surgeon involved (from South America) indicated that he had seven such stint surgeries for collapsed arteries scheduled one right after another at the large, corporately owned health care "network" facilities in which he and his megapractice of doctors had contracted in the Southern U.S.

She had to go in for another emergency room visit again then within 60 days since the hospital staff failed to tell her that her recovery time might also result in periodic instances of angina while her heart was re-oxygenating after the surgery, and then failed to give her the needed nitroglycerin in just such an instance.

She, of course, has a publicly provided plan. Medicare. With an AARP paid supplement. But still was not given the needed medications prior to release in order to avoid such an occurrence, which from my research happens in far more instances than it does not.

And due to internet marketing and automated phone call centers and such now with little human contact with these providers now involved in much of these plans, denials of coverage on many claims are now also going through the roof.

What interested me is the reaction of those loony liberals (and I am neither Republican or Democrat, but hold with our Constitution as the true "Rule of Law" and in which it is clear the federal government has no authority to institute such a program at all without the "consent of the governed" in going through the amendment process in order to so do).

Given the unconstitutionality of this legislation at its root, I would say Mr. Wilson’s reaction was rather mild in both his stated opposition, and also his choice of wording.

He interrupted Mr. Obama mid-presentation when he was addressing many Americans stated concerns (without also objecting as I do on Constitutional grounds most of all) that coverage for illegal immigrants would be provided.

Which is really laughable in and of itself, because at the present time illegal immigrants already have coverage, as this former 45 year border state resident can attest.

And Mr. Wilson himself should know that already. Although, as from South Carolina might not given the enormous amount of unconstitutional legislation Washington has spit out now over the past decades, more and more so though presently one right after another.

After all, he is a federal legislator so should be in the loop, and coverage for illegals for what was supposed to be catastrophic needs only has been provided for literally years due to existing legislation already "passed"

Or if not, the hospitals are getting paid by the feds at the taxpayer’s expense anyway, since the new MO appears to be passing unconstitutional legislation in one branch of Congress such as ther House, and then funding it even it it is not "legally" law at all lacking full passage in the Senate. Then what isn’t Constitutional law can then still be regulated and funded as if it is, and the bulk of public none the wiser, since most of the lawyers in this country can’t understand most of these bills.

Even, it appears, the ones who wrote them.

That has happened with quite a few of these rather bogus unconstitutional property stripping bills as of late, such as the ones now being enacted by the Department of Homeland Security in those Fusion Center Task Forces and memorandums recently circulated instituting the domestic spying programs on lawful Americans according to political profiling.

So this "new" reform obviously is not precluding in any manner that free coverage which is already given to those illegals, and has been for years. All state measures and ballot initiatives to the contrary, it is a federal law that provides such benefits to those who are non-Americans in emergency room visits and treatments.

And those corporate health care networks get paid quite handsomely for those visits, of course courtesy of the American taxpayers who are then billed for those services and visits.

Not their employers, who are paying in most instances below standard wages for their services, saving on state workmen’s comp taxation, and then having the Americans whose jobs they have replaced picking up the tab for their "employment benefits" in health care needs for those employees while in this country, many not even holding those massive temporary work visas Washington hands out nowadays like candy at the mere request of the states, or their campaign backers.

Who, by the way, are just as much to blame, many of which now are pleading poverty and bankruptcy as California and Arizona have this past year, two states with an inordinate amount of illegal workers to begin with due to the "petitions" they rush off to Washington for increases in those visas each and every legislative session for their state campaign backers benefits.

In many states, it has gotten to the point where it has adversely affected the quality of care and treatment of lawful Americans in those emergency rooms, especially in the border states where there are six hour waits in many hospital, especially during winter due to all the illegals there waiting for treatment for cases of the flu.

And I’m not speaking of the "swine flu" either, that strain that has suddenly now appeared during this recession, just as it did during the 1970′s recession in order to bulk up Wall Street and the pharmeceutical industries and financial wheelers and dealers once again, at the American public’s expense.

Washington is getting oh so predictable on their terrorism tactics in order to bulk up their favored industries and Wall Street’s bottom lines at his point. In conjunction with the world bankers and WHO.

At least to the boomer’s who have seen this all before.

I’m speaking of the 24 hour stomach flu, or regular flu, in which those illegals rush to the emergency wards for their free health care, while auto accident victims, or those with true medical emergencies are waiting in line for treatment, since Uncle Sam’s reimbursements and provisions for those illegals exceeds most of those of the citizens paying megabucks for some of those policies in their provisions, or at least in the amount of paperwork involved and screening and complications with many hospital going through the pre-approval processes for insurance patients prior to treatment.

As a non-Republican or Democrat, it would appear obvious this entire incident again is being used for political reasons and not seen for the truth in what Mr. Wilson actually stated. Which was, after all, the truth. And he didn’t state it by half actually, as a former 45 year border resident can attest.

But I do wonder if he is up for re-election in 2010 unless he truly was clueless that the federal government already provides illegal immigrant emergency care.

Mr. Wilson should have stated the obvious.

And when a public official of Mr. Obama’s stature is misrepresenting facts to the public in a nationally held press conference called merely to gain sympathy and support for his unconstitutional program (which it also is, fundamentally), I don’t think Mr. Wilson’s claimed "outburst" addressed the violative nature of this legislation on the rights of the people by half.

And political correctness actually has contributed to where we are today. And not calling a spade a spade.

Or treason for the treason it actually is.

You go, Joe.

After all, the founders would have been actually calling for the dueling pistols at this point with some of the treason that is now going on at the Hill "progressively" by both of the global socialist parties now in office, the Republicans and Democrats.

But in the long view since it appears Mr. Wilson actually averted the obvious, it appears there was a political agenda and media reason for this "outburst," since even Mr. Wilson should know that in Congress attempting to inflict an additional tax on the American people such as this public health care option would entail to begin with, our Constitution requires a whole lot more than simply town hall type meetings in order to afford Washington to so do.

So it appears this "outburst" was a bi-partisan spin again, without truly addressing the crux of the matter and in order mainly to detract and deflect from the Constitutional abridgement it truly is, without the "consent of the governed" and going through the amendment process to so do in another "property" taking of the American people in the name of what is no more than industry corporate welfare and a governmental power move in taking what is and has been a state matter under federal control instead and then masked as "health care deform."

Probably also with state government support, in order for them also then to gain additional taxpayer revenues for discretionary purposes, since the existing costs to the taxpayers at this point hasn’t even been mentioned in whether any rebates can be expected in state taxation.

If history proves consistent, since even with those "stimulus" monies they are still claiming poverty in a great many, don’t hold your breath America.

And as with the "mortage foreclosure rescue" it appears the exact same negligence again is occurring with these "solutions," in not at all addressing the actual problems which resulted in this scenario to begin with. Merely the symptoms.

And Washington then either taking them over in "buyouts," or throwing money at the culprits for more profit.

The gist of the matter is this as to why we are where we now are at this point in history.

Washington’s and the several states continuing failures to abide by the "Rule of Law" and actually effectively regulate these corporate commercial organizations benefitting at the public’s expense and their policies and practices, rather than continuing, year after year instead, to get in bed with them and giving them corporate welfare and privileges and immunities that they are in no way "lawfully" entitled to from the outset.