Jungle Mania!



 Good Day hockey fans and welcome to another post of “WHEN THE PUCK ROCKS!”, Today we’ll be Recapping the past event on the division 3 final President’s Cup Match between Wildcubs and D’Jungle Magic.


The game start out on a back to back action as both team try to find the net, Wildcubs tried to focus on the offence but D’jungle Magic pressure them to a defensive position which later on making the D’Jungle Magic scoring first blood with 2 points on the first period.

 As the player end their first period game and head to their way to the second, Wildcubs make a breaking point and score early with 1 point on the game giving them a bit of momentum and challenge to the D’Jungle Magic. As the period about to end D’Jungle Magic yet again swizzle their way through the Wildcubs defensive line and score 1 point as well making the total score Wildcubs with 1 point while D’Jungle Magic leading with 3 Points.

Then coming to the third period it was a head on power drive for both team as Wildcubs try to make a two point score so that they could tie the game but as we go through till the mid of the third period, one of D’Jungle Magic player shattered that hope by scoring 1 point to the net and as the game coming to its end D’Jungle Magic scored another 2 points and leaving Wildcubs far behind on the score board with the score 6 points on D’Jungle Magic and 1 point for the Wildcubs.

Overall for the game it was greatly played by both team and great performance by the entire player, Disadvantage to the Wildcubs is that two of their best player wasn’t around and D’Jungle Magic had a full line up on their arsenal which greatly improves the course of the game.

So that’s all for now Hockey Fans, stay tune for more recap on the President’s Cup final and have a great day.