Kar Seva at Aumkarshwar Temple Agastya Ashram

 Jammu and Kashmir: In a meeting of members of the Aumkarshwar Temple Agastya Ashram under the leadership of organiser N.C Dubey, it was unanimously decided to start Kar Seva on every Sunday at the temple site. Mr Dubey appealed members and the devotees for Kar-Sava as well as donation for the same on the occasion.

The Kar Sava work will be conducted every Sunday from 23 Dec 2012 onward at “Aumkarshwar Temple” near Swarn Vihar Police colony Jammu, Mr Dubey informed. He said that devotees have already shown keenness in taking part in the holy project.

It is important to mention that this is the unique temple in country and state as “Ishta, Rishi Kul and Sadhka” are placed here according the Athar Ved XVI 46-56 and it covers all the five sects of Hinduism including, Arya-Samaj, Shaive, Shakat, Vaishnav and Nirankari.

There are details in Veds and Purans of this pious place and Aumkarahwar Ji Maharaj.