Kargil facing huge connectivity, development deficit: Mehbooba



Kargil, July 18(Scoop News) – Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti has said there was need to strengthen the emasures initiated for empowerment of neglected regions like Kargil which had been started by PDP led coalition in 2003. Addressing a public meeting here today she said the region still faces huge development deficit and major connectivity problems which need to be addressed on priority. Senior party leaders Nizamudin Bhat MLA, Qazi Mohd Afzal, Adv Murataza Ali District President, Haji Qasim Ali, Kachu Gulzar, Najjaf Ali, Mehmooda Kachu and others were also present and spoke on this occasion. Kulsuma Jan on this occasion also joined the party.

Mehbooba said Kargil was the best instance of how the PDP brought about empowerment of the people and systematic changes without making a noise about it. The yearning for change in the system that is heavily loaded in favour of the vested interest and political exploitators is now sweeping across the state and people are increasingly getting convinced that such a change can be ushered in only under the mature and seizened leadership of Mufti Mohammed Sayee. "Kargil and infact the entire Ladakh region is going to be a part of this change that would rid the state of the political uncertainity, intitutionalised corruption and maladministration", she said.

Mehbooba said Kargil with its strategic location and rich cultural and scenic assets has a bright future in the emerging scenario that is unfolded in the self rule vision. She said the area has historically been part of the fabled silk route and its connections with the central Asia could be revived when the PDP’s campaign for hassle free trade and travel across LOC reaches its logical conclusion. She demanded that the Kargil-Skardu bus service should be started without any further delay as had been decided by the foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan more than a year back. She asked the youth who attended the public meeting in large numbers to realize the potential of opening up of Kargil to out side world in the back drop of the immense avenues of growth and employment it would create for them.

On the internal connectivity Mehbooba said the tunnel across Zojilla which was got sanctioned under the prime Ministers reconstruction programme by the PDP led government must take precedence in view of the six month long winter that cuts off the region from rest of the world. She said to reduce the gestation period the borring work on the tunnel should be taken up both from Sonmarg and Gumri ends.

Mehbooba said though the Kargil war had ravaged the district but after making headlines and earning appreciation at the national level for their fortitude the people of the district seem to have been left high and dry. She said even the full rehabilitation of the uprooted families was yet to be done and demanded immediate action.

Mehbooba said the people of the area are facing a discriminatory treatment by the Nc government ironically the party for which people of Kargil have steadfastly voting. She said all the projects worth more than Rs-40 Crores which were initiated by the previous government have been left half way. She said the two tourism development authorities in the district for Kargil and Zanaskar have been rendered almost dysfunctional with no further funding available to them. She said even the Kargil festival which had been introduced by the PDP government as part of the tourism development strategy has been discontinued after the present government took the office.

Mehbooba said the people of Kargil town are facing a space crunch after they had to part with the Kurbathang plateau. She said the government must find a way to provide enough space for the town to grow and fulfill its need of modern eminities and expansion.

Referring to the day to day problems of Kargil district Mehbooba said power crisis has assumed unprecedented dimensions. No new projects after Chutuk Hydel project which was started during the PDP rule have been taken in hand. Even for this project the laying of transmission lines is no were in sight.

Referring to the huge unemployment problem facing the youth of the region Mehbooba said the issue has been trivialized by the present government through fake schemes and hollow announcements. None of the schemes this government launched with fanfare has made any impact on the ground with the result the youth are getting angry and disenchanted with the system. She said on the one hand the number of unemployed youth has crossed six lakh and on the other one lakh jobs in the government are being with held with ulterior motives.

She urged the government to launch special recruitment drives for the youth of Kargil who because of the inherent disadvantages are not able to find jobs easily. She said special formations could be created for the youth of Kargil in various military and para military forces.