Khyber TV launches Khowar programme

Report Zar Alam Khan

ISLAMABAD: A weekly Khowar programme went on air for the first time on Pushto AVT Khyber TV channel on Tuesday afternoon. The one-hourly programme will be telecast on every Tuesday at 5pm. Khowar is mainly spoken in Chitral and many parts of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The programme consisted of a ten-minute news bulletin about Chitral and an interview of former Chitrali bureaucrat Mohammad Wali Khan. The interview was conducted by Rehmat Aziz, a Chitrali journalist, poet and author, while Zhanoyar Khan presented the news.

Chitralis have thanked Chief Executive Khyber TV Kamran Hamid Raja for allocating one hour weekly air time for the Khowar programme and said this would play an important role in promotion of Chitrali language and culture. They said what the government could not do in decades for giving air time to Chitral, the Khyber TV management has done it within a short period of time.