Krishnadevaraya was an extraordinarily valiant and talented army commander

Historian Robert Sawell points out that Krishnadevaraya was an extraordinarily valiant and talanted army commander and an expert statesman. He suppressed all his enemies and expanded the empire in south India. He defeated the recalcitrant subordinate of Ummattur called Gangaraja.


In 1510 AD. He conquered the fort of Shivasamudra. He acquired the Raichur fort under the occupation of Bijapur. In the same year (1510 AD) he helped the Portuguese to conquer Goa from Bijapur. He developed commercial relationship with the Portuguese.


When krishnadevaraya died in 1529 AD. , the Vijayanagar empire attained the largest extent. Its armies proved victorious in all directions. The Portuguese visitors to his court, Barbosa and Paes have praised the emperor for his administrative ability and nobles qualities.


The empire founded with the background of protecting Hindu religion and culture, encouraged all religions cults. Bukka I had advised the Jains and Srivashanvas to live in harmony. Deveraya II and his commander Lakanna Dandesha encouraged Veerashaivism. The Saluvas and the Tuluvas were followers of Srivaishnavism.


`The king allows such freedom’ says Barbosa regarding Krishnadevaraya’s period, `nobody is harassed. Whether he is a Christain, jew Moor (Muslim) or Heathen (Hindu).’


A mosque had been built in the capital city. The Muslims were recruited in the army. The empire which improved its trade connection with the Portuguese, also encouraged Christianity.