Left Front confident to win in 2011 polls in West Bengal

31 March 2011 (Scooped news) Left Front confident in win in polls in West Bengal, CPIM prepares to complete the rest works in West Bengal. It is reported that day by day Left Front workers has been showing their inbuilt increased organizational strength. Their popular vote bank is determined to repeat the same and the people also knows that this is not local level election. The fact has been revealed by extensive visits throughout the West Bengal by a group of journalists recently.

PTI Chandigarh: CPI redently said he expected the Left Front will win the Assembly elections in West Bengal that the coalition has "back lot" for the challenge.

CPI Secretary AB Bardhan said that those who predicted that the left would lose the elections in West Bengal will be annihilated, that the situation today is not the same as it was for a few months back.

"The Left Front has been about the challenge in elections in West Bengal," he told reporters here. "A year ago, or six months ago, you could say that (Mamata Banerjee) has a great advantage. But before we turned left around a lot. It is possible, after seven wins in the BM, which can win "he said.

Bardhan said the Congress-led United Democratic Front in Kerala is in trouble and left front is "more united than ever".