Left Parties Withdraw Support to UPA Government

No more dilly-dallying, no more tenterhooks, it is official now. The four left parties, after concluding a meeting on Tuesday morning (8th July) in New Delhi, declared that they have withdrawn support to the UPA government and would meet the president on Wednesday noon to inform him in writing their withdrawal of support. Additionally they would request the President to arrange for a vote of confidence by the UPA in the lower house.

Samajwadi Party (SP) of Mulayam Singh Yadav, on the other hand, declared their support to the UPA government in a hurriedly called press conference. BJP declared that they and NDA would oppose the confidence motion the house.

The Left parties, led  by  the  CPI(M), having 60MPs in the Lok Shabha, made it clear in their letter to the president that the  UPA  has  failed  to  put  the  draft  of  the  safe  guards agreement  with  the  IAEA  before the nation because there must have  been something in it which is not in the interest of the  nation.  The  UPA  has  failed  to take the house and the nation   into   confidence  over  the  Nuclear – Deal  and  are hurrying through to operationalising it.

It is worthwhile to mention here Mayavati of BSP has already withdrawn support to UPA and with the withdrawal of Left, the UPA has an initial support of 230 MPs in the lower house. With the support of about 42 MPs of SP and its satellite groups, the Congress, in all likelihood, would survive the confidence vote after ‘managing’ a few more fence sitters.

As a next step from the Left, the Speaker of the house, Sri Somnath Chatterjee, who is from CPI(M), is likely to submit his resignation in a day or two or may continue upto trust voting for tactical advantage.. The next few days would see the battle lines drawn between the supporters and opposers of  ‘Confidence’ motion which in all likelihood would be placed in the house within two weeks hence.

However, all said and done, the N-Deal appears to be reaching its destination surely and certainly.

I, in my article dated 1st July, have clearly hinted about the possibility that is taking place now. Please refer my said article ‘Mulayam to Rescue Both N-Deal and UPA Government’.