Life Would Be Difficult Without Mercy

Mercy is a compassion people show to an offender; a blessing resulting from divine favor or compassion; and compassion shown to victims of misfortune, etc. People who show mercy to others execute an act of compassion and understanding and I applaud them for their actions. I wonder how many people in this world show mercy to others on a daily basis. Mercy equals good deeds for people who need them and I’m a firm believer God is aware of every deed of mercy shown to another person.

The Holy Bible describes God’s mercy and grace in various scriptures. In Luke 6: 36 it tells us, "Be you therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful." It is a warming experience to know people have mercy to reach out to give and to show concern for people who are suffering from a misfortune.

I’m proud to live in a country that believes in showing mercy to others who have suffered a terrible loss in their lives. Mercy shown and provided to our American soldiers and their families as they’ve protected our country; mercy bestowed to those soldiers suffering in hospitals for months on end; mercy provided for those who return and are handicapped and don’t have a home they can get around in; mercy provided to the sick and afflicted on a daily basis; mercy provided for the poor and those not as fortunate as others; mercy shown to other countries as they suffer catastrophic disasters, starvation, etc.

I could continue on and on with the mercies shown to people throughout the world when they’re in trouble too. Americans pull together in times of crisis and they come to the rescue of those who’re suffering throughout the world too. Yes, I’m proud to live in a country that cares and has mercy for others and wants to share as others are suffering and hurting in other countries in the world.

Every human on this earth should display mercy to others regardless of their race, creed,  or color, and through compassions it is a great way for all of us to express love and understanding to them. When we cut out mercy for other people, we destroy the core of our souls.

Bible verses Psalms 145: 9 tells us, "The Lord is good to all; and his tender mercies are all over his works," and in Ephesians 2: 4, "But, who is rich in mercy, for his great love with which he loved us." It’s my opinion God desires every person on this earth to show mercy and love to those who are merciful to others. 

People God loves us and he has mercy for every living soul on this earth and we should abide by his word and show mercy for all. I find it hard to find peace and for rest to come when I’m aware others are suffering catastrophic losses or are in war zones.

Mercy is one of the greatest attributes for people to have within their hearts and souls and when we reach out to show mercy it is a bonding that brings people together as a whole. 

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article and her source for this article came from the Holy Bible King James Version and in the New and Old Testament and in verses as stated.