Lifecycle of Birds


A Pictorial Presentation
Author                 :      Bhagat Singh
Price                     :      Rs.1200/-
Pages                    :      196 
Publisher        :           Unicorn Books
‘Lifecycle of Birds’ is perhaps the first  book in the world showing  comprehensively the birdlife in all phases of growth in natural habitats right from the stage of nest building to the successful departure into the sky with the help of clear, crisp and sharp colour photographs.
People watch birds because this pastime gives immense mental refreshment and enjoyment. They adorn our homes, beautify our gardens with their sweet melodies. These birds are the sparkling jewels that float over our lakes, rivers and forests. 
This book offers pictorial presentation with detailed knowledge about the habits and habitats of 35 species of birds.
The author Bhagat Singh has been closely involved with birds for over four decades in the jungles of Himalayas as a wildlife expert. His other books are “Wild Encounters”, “Corbett National Park – The Natural Heritage”, and “Uttaranchal – Land of Colourful Birds”.