Love Fades Oft Times In Marriages – Why?

I’ve noticed throughout the years that many married couples love fades and they’re left to live a life without companionship and there is no affections of love displayed either. The man and woman grow further and further apart until they’re like strangers to each other. This is sad to me and I often wonder if this is caused by the lack of communication between the couple.

I can understand why there are so many divorces because if a man or woman feels unloved or cared about they’re going to seek it elsewhere. I do believe this is why people will begin to look for love in all the wrong places. People who feel like their mate does not care for them will often become involved with another person because they have a huge void in their life and they’re looking to fill it. 

People who have a lot of personal issues they cannot resolve in their marriages will begin to find themselves going in various different directions in their lives until they rarely ever see their mates. They will find they no longer have anything in common with each other and they begin to miss the closeness of their relationship and they begin to desire someone to show them what they’re not getting at home. It’s my belief when two people begin to go their own ways, they’re headed for serious trouble in their marriages.

When a married couple does not communicate or display affections for each other and there’s no longer a close relationship between them, there is going to be a breakdown in their marriage. A spouse will find there is emptiness in their life and this will cause them to have a strong desire to replace what’s missing.

Have you ever noticed when people lose respect for their mates, love will begin to fade too? Whenever a person is mentally or physically abused by their mate they lose respect for the person, and as far as I’m concerned, once the respect is gone out of a marriage the love fades. It’s my belief that love doesn’t have a place in its heart of hearts for any type of abuse, put-downs, name callings, lying, cheating, dishonesty, etc. 

True love to me is supposed to be unconditional and it is supposed to withstand all the storms that comes against it. Love is respect, kindness, honesty, giving, sharing, and consideration, showing affection, and committing oneself to their mates. 

Love can also falter when a man/woman abuses drugs, alcohol, gambling, cheating, lying, and other things to cause mayhem in their marriage. People who abuse any of these things does not function or think properly and cannot be honest and truthful in a marriage. These factors equal a divorce!

People can keep their love from fading and dying in a marriage if they practice nurturing and respecting each other’s needs, communicating, showing affection and love, listening and hearing to their mates concerns, appreciating their desires and views, and being interested in their mates at all times. 

It’s my belief that love will not fade when there are excitements, love affections, communications, companionships, and actions displayed by both people throughout a marriage. Love waits to be nurtured and displayed at important moments in a marriage and it is needed to keep the spontaneity alive and guessing. People should never take love for granted, and if they do, they’ll find it waning.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article and it is based on her sole opinion too.