Love is the Generator of the Human Body

Love is an important factor in everyone’s life and without it people desire to have it as a part of their lives too. Love provides dreams, hopes, happiness, joy, tears, fulfillments, security, children, a desire and a will, sincerity, honesty, and builds a union between two people.

It breathes within us to cause many mixed feelings of greatness, caring, sexual desire, warm attachment, bonding, devotion, tenderness, caress, and pleasure in our daily lives and without it people may feel unloved and worthless as a human being.

Love stings our hearts and repairs our souls, it plays tricks on our minds, causing jealousy’s to explode, it’ll fickle the mind, bring joy and happiness to our hearts, it’ll tease our hearts and destroy our souls, it’ll cause confusion and pain, it’ll break a soul or fill it to the brim, love is many things in people’s lives and each person knows what it is they want from love.

My definition for love is like an explosion of bombs lighting up the heart and extending through to the entire soul and body; and feeding energy, desires, wishes, a reason for life, a treasure of the soul to never lose, and a bolt of lightning searing within to grant a reason to hold onto unconditional love for a lifetime.

People demonstrate unconditional love as providinjg all to the person they’ve chosen to love. It allows people to express their love in many ways. It releases hidden secrets and airs past faults and failures never told to another person and it builds a soul mate to share desires and wishes with.

Love exists in many forms, i.e., a love for a sport, a hobby, a craft, photography, architect, building and construction, farming, boating, drawing, and the most simplest of material things too. Love generates and becomes many things to people. Love is a precious gift provided by our Creator and given to all mankind to satisfy, soothe and ease, fulfill desires and wishes, and to build and accomplish those things they want and love in their lives. 

Love allows us to touch and relate to other people, to aid those in need, to care for and to love the sick, make friendships and meet neighbors in other countries, teach others to love, build foundations, care for the needy and to love them as ourselves. Yes, love equals many rewarding, charitable and generous things coming from the heart and soul.

Love cannot be sold or bought but it can be generated from the soul and heart of mankind. Love lives like a spirit within a soul and it cannot be taken from the person but it can be given to others so they will know love too. Love is God’s precious gift to all mankind and we should always display it in life to others.