Love is Within: the Answer to Bipolar Disorder

 My experience of growing out of my Bipolar Disorder was the decision not to stay drugged with medication.  I do not live with mental illness today; my psychiatrist has declared me sane. The medical profession only looks at the symptoms and I have found a way to address the root cause of the mental and physical running away from reality by acting out and staying in fear from past trauma. 

 My just finish book “Paradigm Busters, Revealing the Real You” is ready for publishing. It is my experience of the steps to become sane.   It guides the reader through “The process” of being restored to sanity without prescriptions or any toxic poisonous substances to drug a person.  I found that the medications made the problems worst after the initial honeymoon of better, and then the side effects became worse over time than the problems.  

 I tried suicide several times, my ex-husband (a psychopath, alcoholic, sex addict, rageaholic) tried to kill me several times,  along with the prescription drugs and alcohol were all ways for me to not be honest with myself about the trauma I endured by watching my father beat up my mother when I was three.  I lived the following years afraid I would be beat up myself and lived my life through the guilt from my paranoid-schizophrenics mother’s eyes.  The truth did set me free. Today, I know the truth through seeking the answers in my subconscious and with appropriate therapeutic regression therapy that I use with my clients. 

 Through my own self-searching, prayers and meditations, I have also used alternative methods to transform my fear-based history to a love-based life in reality.  I found that when a person can release the root cause for their feeling they do not need the symptoms of running away from living in the present love that surrounds them.  They do not know they have a choice to move out of their fear-based life, which is labeled Bipolar Disorder. Current medicine does not offer that option.  My clients and I found that the chemical imbalance returns to balance when a person has found their love within to balance their life.

My withdrawals from Depakote took about 4 months of hell.  Edgar Cayce, The Father of Holistic Medicine said, “There are in truth no incurable conditions.”I could change my thinking and behavior to become loving, rational, and logical. I could replace my old thinking and behavior and not keep recreating the old patterns. My Bipolar Disorder had been a choice to run away from life.  Drugs prevent reality I found; therefore, it is only a band-aid, as the real problem is still not addressed. However, when I became clear minded and rational, I could see myself acting out in extreme ways and actually stop this when not drugged

With over 12 years of being off all prescription drugs and off alcohol for over 27 years, I have healed my life.  It is blissful to have peace of mind and see the beauty around me.  I do not have to relive the past ordeal anymore, but live in the present where reality and truth are.  At the age of 73, I have found “Heaven on earth.”

Drugging disempowered me and gradually increased my insanity; I had to give up the drugs to live.  My mind can release all the fears, resentments, anger and shame of my past and be enhanced with the love inside that can now surface to replace the old dysfunctional domestic violent life in which I was raised and was married for thirty years while teaching school.  Now, I have the ability to have a healthy, empowered life free of what others think or say I should be, how I should act to make others’ lives easier, or have a medical condition through a false premise of a medical protocol. 

 Learning to love myself and not look to others who cannot love themselves to save me made the difference. The love is inside.  Other people or drugs called prescriptions cannot save me because it is an inside job.  Mental illness is an emotional problem, not a drugging problem.  I do not need drugs to escape from reality and love within me anymore.  When I found a spiritual/loving basis for my life, I became healthy.  I gratefully embrace each moment instead of replaying the past.

 As an Internationally Board Certified Regressionist, Marilyn Redmond assists people to find the root cause of any illness so it can be replaced with a loving solution.  She shares her own recovery from violent influences in her life, including addictions, domestic violence, and mental illness through speaking, seminars, and counseling. See her web site.