Love Magic in Different Cultures

Love has always been desirable throughout the history of mankind. People have sought out love in many ways. Different cultures have even utilized love magic to try and create love when it cannot be found naturally. This is something that is not always successful. The ability for the magic to work has a lot to do with the individual as well as the purity of the magic that is being used to bring about the love in a person’s life. Most agree that it is practically impossible for any magic to work if you are not personally open to receive love in your life.



When the Wiccans are casting spells, they are calling on the forces of witchcraft to bring about love. This is less about making sure that you are finding the right person and more about forcing someone to unnaturally have feelings for you. The expectation is that once the person falls in love, that the magic will no longer be needed. In truth, if the person is not accepting of the love, the spell will only be short lived if it works at all.


Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo utilizes powerful forces to bring energy together. This can be done through casting a spell on the object of affection or by casting a spell that will ward off all other possible lovers. The problem with this kind of magic is that the person that is pined for will often feel simply unloved and unwanted rather than feeling any particular way about a person. It is simply a way to downgrade someone enough to make them feel overly excited when someone shows them any amount of love or attention.


Amulets to Attract Love

When using a love amulet, it is common that rather than focusing on a particular person, the wearer of the amulet will envision the feeling of love that they want to have in their life. The amulet will utilize the natural energy in the world to draw the right person to the wearer of the amulet. Because the wearer already has love in their heart, they will open to the love that someone else has to give. While the energy can be directed at a single person, generally these amulets work best when the wearer is simply open to love and accepts that they will attract the right person soon.