LSO urged on Norwegian Embassy for releasing of fund

 LSO convention urged early releasing of fund to CIADP


CHITRAL:  Convention of Local Support Organizations (LSO) held at Creative Approach for Development (CAD) office Danin under the chair of Ziaur Rehman Human Resources Development Officer Chitral.  Convention was participated by chairpersons, Managers of all LSOs working with Chitral Integrated Area Development Program/Thrive (CIADP) funding by Norwegian and Netherland government. All of the stakeholders thanked Norway and Netherland government for donating a huge amount for development of this backward area. They also hailed CIADP/Thrive efforts for spending the donated fund on different uplifting schemes of Chitral honestly and with transparency. All projects were completed successfully  due to meritorious service and supervision of CIADP. They also appreciated standard of these schemes as comparative to other agencies. The stakeholders expressed their great concern over not releasing of fund by Norwegian Embassy timely  for ongoing projects at Chitral for the year  2012 as a result these projects can be affected badly causing for negative impact of poor and downtrodden people. They also lamented some selfish elements for their try highjack CIADP and  to bypass   these Local support organizations and to shift this fund to some other agency for fulfillment of their political aims. They appeal high ups of Norwegian Embassy to discourage these elements and politicians and to not allow them to do such. An unanimous resolution was passed by stakeholders appealing Norwegian Embassy for early releasing of fund to those LSOs through CIADP for regular projects of 2012 for their early completion for sustainable development of poor segment of Chitral. Because CIADP have kicked their developmental network in those neglected areas where there was no development scheme in past by other NGOs or government agencies. They also invited Norwegian Ambassador to come  by self or detail a commission for Chitral to  visit  all completed projects and to ascertain factual  position or call upon delegation of Chitral comprising over representatives of LSOs so as to clarify all misunderstanding. it is pertinent to mention here that CIADP work shoulder by shoulder with district administration and kick their projects after proper approval of local administration.  A large number of representatives of all LSOs working with CIADP participated in convention.


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