Macedonia on the brink of ethnic war

In the past 48 hours in the Macedonian capital were two incidents between ethnic Albanians and Macedonians.

Yesterday afternoon in Skopje neighborhood Cair large group of young people take off the Macedonian
flag and burn it down. In this municipality population is dominated by ethnic Albanians. The interior ministry confirmed the incident and explained that an investigation has begun. A little later in the same neighborhood a group of 30 people beat several children. The police refused to report the ethnicity of children.

Ethnic tension in FYROM  grows because celebrating the 100th anniversary of the independence of Albania.

"March of the Eagles" will be today in the streets of Skopje. It will be attended by thousands of Albanians. The event is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Albanian flag. The march was organized by Albanian students and professors, and is supported by the Municipality of Cair. Participants in the march will be dressed in the colors of the Albanian flag - red and black.