Malala; a talent discovered, distributed by the media outlets to dump the deplorable U.S deeds….

The world polity and media is abuzz with the condemnations, solidarity lead stories over the barbaric attack on a Pakistani school girl Malala yousfzai, who rose to worldwide fame with her BBC Urdu blog which documented her struggle and changes to her local neighborhood as the Taliban destroyed schools and communities in the Swat Valley region of Pakistan. The attack on Pakistani education and girl’s rights activist spread like a wild fire in the world and the all credit goes to Pakistani media and the western media machines which discovered this only talent in the war torn country after a long time. The non-stop media coverage to the incident which no doubt is a deplorable and condemnable act by the sick minds pushed the strongest institution of Pakistan on the cross roads whether to react militarily or politically in the tribal areas from where this kind of bizarre and irrational ideology is emanating and have become the safe sanctuaries. These groups are operational in the Pakistan under the umbrella of TTP; a militant outfit striving to impose a Sharia in the country, have in the past couple of years launched a series of deadly attacks on the vital defence installations across the Pakistan resulted huge human and military losses. However, the way some splinter groups with in the TTP have exclusively made Pakistan the center of their operations and are unleashing a reign of terror particularly in the tribal areas and in other parts of country should be taken as a serious threat which needs immediate military counter strategy to nip this menace in the bud before it brought death and destruction at large level. By butchering innocent people, blowing up the schools, attacking worshipers and Pakistan army clearly shows they want to destabilize the country and damage its defence capabilities, which puts them under the radar of suspicion of being the foreign paid agents. It’s absolutely ridiculous by thinking that to fight for a sacred cause it hardly matters whether we plunge the country into the era of Stone Age or leave it a tooth less tiger in the volatile region? The attack on Malala yousfzai should be seen in that context as yet another malicious attempt of such ill minds to tarnish the image of Pakistan as well as of Islam globally and give another opportunity to the anti-Islamic forces to cast an eye on the cannons of Islam so that to use and propagate it as a major fault line in this universal religion, which they love to touch again and again in their columns and talk shows.  In reality, Islam has never been against the women education in fact the benefactor of humanity prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) has said, “Acquiring of knowledge is obligatory to every Muslim male and female”. Even woman in Islam enjoys more freedom and falls in the same foot in some cases with the men as for as the socio economical rights are concerned than any other religion. Thus these mislead and ignorant fanatic goons and thugs have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, so whatever they are doing on the name of so called sacred cause by waging a war within the borders of Pakistan should not be related unnecessarily with the canons of Islam; which teaches tolerance, justice and peace. It’s the moral duty and a testing time for Pakistani law enforcement agencies to pin point these bad eggs and eliminate them quickly, which are stigmatizing the name of Islam and the Muslims across the world by their actions on the behest of some unknown agencies.

The recent attack on a school girl, whose family stood rock solid over the issue of girls education in the times when the swat valley was under the occupation of Pakistani Taliban will not yield anything for their so called sacred cause instead of that they will lose political sympathizers and public support which is oxygen for every movement to stay in the hunt for their long objectives. Everybody knows that the family of Malala Yousfzai had a series of meetings with American military and government officials especially with the U.S special envoy Richard Holbrooke in the Pakistani capital, where they might have been as usual brainwashed and promised economic and political support to go harder and harder against the Taliban ideology. As the Uncle Sam justified the killing of its 2765 citizen in the world trade Centre attack by killing more than two million innocent Iraqi’s same is the case of Malala, which they were planning to execute clinically to hit the all targets of interest. The way Pakistani electronic media along with the international media tried to mobilize the people with in the country and abroad by airing nonstop emotional messages and providing more space to the pseudo seculars was just a conspiracy or a sub plot to put enormous national and international pressure on the Pakistani government to launch an offensive against the Haqqani network which is inflicting more causalities on American troops than any other group fighting in Afghanistan.  As it should also be noted that recently American private news channel fox news aired an exclusive report on the Pakistani media where it was revealed that the U.S state department has invested more than ten billion dollars in the Pakistani media in its latest bid to win the support of a public that generally views the US with animosity. Thus obviously the duty was discharged in letter and spirit by the Pakistani media to blow the Malala issue out of proportion round the clock and try to attain something for U.S beyond the human rights issue. They way protests, candlelight vigils special prayers were held in the school, mosques for her speedy recovery and how it has drawn widespread condemnation inside the Pakistan and abroad, which every nation should protest at every such barbaric incidents weather its Malla or Afiya Siddique but here it was done in a systematic way to create public opinion for the south Waziristan operation and nothing else.  Due to the excessive media blanket, she emerged as a symbol of resistance on both national as well as international scene, who fought head on with the Taliban in their own strong bastion on the girl’s education. But one failed to understand why those are being portrayed and projected as devils by both print and electronic media, who are up against the foreign occupation in Afghanistan.
 After the fall of Pakistani Taliban in the swat valley, Malala Yousfzai vigorously start working for the empowerment of women backed by the many mysterious  NGO’s which many independent political analysts believe made her toy in the hands of liberal extremists whom used her at their will. As one can presume by analyzing their political tantrums and apprehensions that there is some kind of nexus growing between the liberals and media in the Pakistan which is fully backed by the U.S and India to pursue their covet doctrines which is to de-nuclearize the country. The so called civil society of Pakistan and the secular political forces especially the MQM, which is mostly responsible for the unabated target killings in Karachi suddenly, start beating the chest and shedding crocodile tears by labeling it an attack on the daughters of nation. They tried their best to stoke the anger but unfortunately failed to do so as the people in Pakistani are fully aware that these political parties are hand in glove with the U.S and are their collaborators in killing the innocent tribal people in the Drone attacks. These politicians were even exposed by the Wikileaks and memo gate scandal which send shocking tremors across the Pakistan that how an ambassador in the Washington under the present government issued five thousand visas to the unknown Americans without consulting the home and foreign ministry of the country. It still remained a mystery for the common Pakistani for whom and  for what purpose the bulk of visas were issued but one thing is sure that visa holders are very much present on the Pakistani soil in large number and the arrest of spy Raymond Davis was just a trailer of larger American picture.  Why didn’t media, politicians, intellectuals, retired military generals made a huge outcry on the treachery of Dr Shakeel Afridi, who played a vital role to gather human intelligence regarding Osama bin laden in the disguise of polio vaccine campaigner?  Why they become dumb doll and forget another daughter of nation Dr Afiya Siddique’s, which is a living shame on the justice system of west? If Malala’s misery can brought tears in the eyes of Pakistani interior minister, then why he didn’t uttered a word of solidarity and condemnation when the another daughter of nation was sexually abused and shot during the interrogation across the shores by non-Muslims ?  Why he didn’t bring a resolution in the senate when the innocent ninety madrassa students were slained by a U.S drone strike? These double standards, loyalty, appeasement policy and fractured ideology will not help you any more to stay in power because the winds of change are blowing across the Pakistan and the coming election will prove to be the political graveyard for such politicians. The great nations never made any distinction or discrimination of their citizens nor they polarize the country on the sensitive issues because the unity, equality and justice are the pillars on which the country depends and guarantees bright future. But unfortunately the way own Pakistani politicians and media are trying to shake the very roots of their country on the Malala issue for few dollars is disgusting and disturbing. 
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