Mankind’s Most Damning Choices

The Choice Is Yours Alone. What are mankind’s most damning sins that man can fall into? I have given this much thought. I have sought God’s Holy Spirit guidance over this, because I know for a fact that mankind needs to know God’s answers to many things, and this topic heads the list.

Why do I consider such sins as most damning to mankind, simple, because these sins, most powerfully draw our attention away from God Himself, as well as causing us to, without thinking, break the first and third of God`s “Ten Commandment“.

THEE MOST DAMNING SINThee most damning sin that mankind has to concern himself with of course is mentioned in the Book of


Luke Chapter 12: v. 10; " And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him, but, unto him that blasphemeth agains the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven.

This is a very powerful warning by Jesus and in it he tells us that most anything, even going as far as blaspheming against Jesus Himself, He will forgive we can still attain salvation. Jesus puts a big warning inside this warning though, "BUT," anyone who would blaspheme against The Holy Spirit, this sin would not now nor ever be forgiven.

Denying the existance of God, denying the existance of Jesus and his power of forgiveness, denying His death and resurrection and His cleansing powers, this would bring you eternal damnation for in denying all of this one blasphemes against the Holy Spirit by denying God and the Powers of God through his Holy Spirit.

Greed Avarice and LustThere is a gigantic difference between, what we truly need and what we might desire . God Promises He will provide for our needs.


GreedGreed begins with the desire to have something, we see it or we hear about it and we want it, but as the saying goes, "The grass is always greener on the other side." in other words we see something that could be better than what we just attained, so now we want, we desire it.


AvariceAvarice, the hunger for more and more wealth, is self-consuming. It is even more stronger than greed, wor with greed, once we have that which we desired, at least until something better comes along, we are satisfied, but with avarice there is never enough, if you have two million dollars, you want twenty-million and once you have that twenty million you want another twenty million or even two hundred million, your hunger for more money, more power, more posessions more everything and anything is never quenched.


Many times throughout the Gospels of the Holy Bible, Jesus warns against bothe greed and avarice, telling the wealthy that to gain salvation and get to heaven, they must be willing to give up all they have and follow Jesus. And, when Jesus sends out His Apostles to preach the good news of the Gospel Jesus instructs them to take nothing with themselves, not money, not food, telling them that their needs will be met by Almighty God, God will provide shelter and food and whatever they need.

Lust and CovetousnessIn a simple form I call "Keeping up with the Joneses" it sort of goes like this. I have a Chevy Minivan, it gets me from point "A" to point "B" without problems. It satisfies my needs. Along comes my neighbor, Mr. Jones with his brand new shiny Hummer, and suddenly I want a Hummer, more importantly I want His Hummer.


I look across the street again and there`s Mr. Jones hot-looking, shapely, sexy younger wife, or daughter, and my heart starts pounding and my mind starts racing, thinking what it might be like to make love to a woman like that just once or, even have her secretly, thus straying from my wedding vows. That in itself is a violation of the Commandment on Adultery.

Jesus tells us that to even think about such a thing, even without seeing it through and doing it, I have lusted after her in my heart and even that is a sin and the same thing goes for Mr. Jones`s Hummer, just the thought of desiring to have it is also lust, and a sin, as is Adultery.

You remember earlier I mentioned the “Ten Commandments“ and specifically the first and third, well, If I have Greed, Avarice, or Lust, then my focus is upon what I want and what I have so I am no longer worshipping God but my posessions. That is a violation of the first. To obtain these posessions, I mabe may work on the Sabbath, to gain them. That is a violation of the third, not to mention the ninth, and tenth.

We can now see why I consider Greed, Avarice, and Lust as most damning, for these lead to so much more, not to mention that sooner or later they will also inevitibly force us to violating the Commandment about “Bearing False Witness“ aka. lying, for we will have to lie to try and cover up our other sins.

We can take this discussion of the damages of Greed, Avarice and Lust one step farther. How can we say that we “Love our neighbor, our fellow man,“ if we have Greed, Lust, or Envy, for his posessions, or his wife or his daughter, or anything or anyone else in his home. This is impossible to say with all honesty.

Lust, covetting, has the ability to cause mankind to violate 6 of God`s Ten Commandments in one selfish greedy wilful act.