Mankind’s Salvation

Mankind’s Salvation

A Poem By Dave Mathews


To prove unto satan

God’s love for all mankind

And God’s hatred for all sin,

Jesus the son of God,

Chose to standup for man’s fall from grace,

Since with man, sin did begin.

Throughout the years before he arrived,

Many prophets did fortell,

Of the Christ, the saviour of man,

And how he’d make things well,

By becoming the God-King, over Israel.

One fateful day, to the River Jordan he went,

By John to be baptized,

Fulfilling the prophecy God fortold,

Of a saviour who, one day would arrive.

To fulfill his destiny,

and prove that he was the promised one,

Preaching and teaching and miracles he showed,

Displaying God’s mercy from above,

Healings, giving life to the dead he made,

To demonstrate God’s eternal love.

One final demonstration,

Of God’s love for man was left

That Jesus had to give,

To prove he was the son of God,

His own crucifixion, he must live.

Delivered up by a friend,

Questioned, scorned, and scouraged,

Though sinless judged was he,

His suffering did begin

The Son of God is crucified,

To take away our sin.

Sinless, yet crucified

He hung upon that cross,

Forsaken and reviled by God,

Receiving man’s sins was Jesus loss

In a hued out grave, our saviour was laid,

Into the bowels of the earth he went,

To prove unto satan every sin of man had been paid,

Once mankind did confess and repent,

And by his resurrection,

Man’s sin debt now was paid.

I’m sorry Lord,

Let Hosannas ring out,

For Jesus Our Lord and Our King,

Jesus has ransomed us from sin and death,

Of this there is no doubt.

Now sing out with joy, sing out with heart,

Let heaven and earth truly know,

That once each man does repent,

At his end, to heaven his spirit will go.

All praise and glory and adoration to Jesus,

For his supreme loving sacrifice,

So that man, can be born once in sin,

And born once again in Christ.