Marisel Garcia Caught in Webcam Spy Hacker Craig Feigin Case

Marisel Garcia is one of eight or nine women in the Gainesville, Florida who is a victim of a Webcam Spy Hacker voyeurism scandal, orchestrated by Craig Feigin.

Craig Feigin, a computer programmer, worked on Marisel Garcia’s computer to fix her laptop. When she got her machine back from Feigin, it had a slew of other problems so she brought it to another area repair man. One of the new problems was that the computer’s built-in camera light came on every time she was near the machine.

When Marisel Garcia got her computer back, she learned that Craig Feigin had installed a program called Webcam Spy Hacker that was using her computer’s camera to take pictures of her and send them to a Web server. Apparently Feigin had 20,000 photos of Garcia and her friends, in some of which Garcia was not fully clothed.

Craig Feigin was arrested and held on $20,000 bail after he admitted to rigging Marisel Garcia’s computer, and other women’s computers, with Webcam Spy Hacker. Under Florida law, he could be charged with a felony and face jail time.

Source: Ars Technica