Media And Politicos Trumpet Intelligence Reports of Iranian Threat

(Expanded and Revised)

Throughout today and on most of the major cable news sources (and you are paying for this propaganda, America) politicians labeled both "Democrats" and "Republicans" continued to trumpet the horn for sanctions against Iran based on intelligence reports (doesn’t this sound suspiciously familiar, i.e., prior to the invasion of Iraq) that Iran has continued to engage in uranium enrichment programs under the radar of both the world community, and U.N. dictates.

John McCain also made an appearance on Fox (owned by Rupert Murdoch, a Brit and also Zionist even with respect to U.S. continued involvement in the Middle East as a former Bush supporter in the Iraqi invasion also and we did fight a war to escape British rule and dictates those many years ago) using again the "threats" such development would have against Israel (who has enough nuclear fire power to nuke the planet at least 20 times over, from all reports), and if not, blocking the seaways and thus restricting the delivery of Middle Eastern oil to the U.S. and other European countries.

It does appear maybe Mr. Murdoch’s allegiances still lie elsewhere, or at least hasn’t fully assimilated to this country nor the differences in its intended form of government from his own. We actually fought our first war attempting to separate ourselves from British control and their accords and edicts at the cost of this nation and its people, which were impacting the colonials and making them also homeless and penniless as Britain is a country that has been almost continually at war also as has Israel in its short modern day history, either civil or foreign.

Although, admittedly, almost all reputable sources (and there are few at this point) acknowledge that Iran is years away from developing such a weapon, and its military might with respect to any such blockade would be minimal at best, given that Iran’s naval forces and missiles are not even in the same league with those of the U.S., thanks to the Stars Wars missile defense systems which all Americans paid for also under the "Reaganomics" years of Ronald Reagan.

Not to mention our space station radar and satellite capabilities due to the NASA programs since the Kennedy era.

This constant policing of the world is clearly having progressively negative impacts on the American people, leaving much of the U.S. population with the exception of Silicon Valley and those military defense contractors increasingly jobless and homeless at this point, not to mention placing future generations of Americans also at added risk due to our interventionism policies in that region going on now for well over sixty years since the end of World War II due to an agreement (the Balfour Doctrine) that the British, not the U.S., made with the Zionist population in England after World War I, promising the European Jewish population their own country. However, even within the Balfour Doctrine was stated that those Palestinians who already were living there were not to be displaced.

Which clearly wasn’t the case and which has caused continued strife in the area, and in which now the U.S. is playing a major role both economically and in the cost of the lives of America’s youth and men in these continued conflicts on Israel’s behalf, although not even a party to that original agreement or "accord," with literally thousands of Americans lives now lost and compromised in the process from the 1940′s to date.

For a country which also stands for the right of the people in this nation to bear arms in defense of their lives and property, it does seem rather hypocritical that our leadership and the supporters of Israel no matter what the cost in U.S. lives or its own interests and economy at this point in history, cannot see or understand how the leaders of other nations without such defensive weaponry just might have an ax to grind.

But if the worst should come, and our oil resources are restricted for any reason, that will also be a banker and corporate stimulus for the global oil industry which has also gotten its share of the American taxpayer pie during this now eight year engagement.

And perhaps Mr. McCain’s appearance was simply another announcement to the American people that the oil companies will be again using this situation for their own ends as they have so many times before. Or in order that tomorrow the oil prices on Wall Street will skyrocket for the politicos in Washington’s stock portfolios most of all.

And if our offshore wells are not in any condition to be functional and producing in such an event, maybe the British could part with some of theirs since Scotland is sitting on one of the largest oil reserves also in the North Atlantic.

Just what would Washington and the bankers have to do if they couldn’t manipulate some sort of crisis or another for their economic benefit in this global chess match and scenario facilitated for their personal economic benefit most of all?

Perhaps actually go about the boring business of government and merely banking?