Mehbooba condemns killings by police

Srinagar, February 11 (Scoop News) –Condemning the killing of three young men in police action in Watrgam, Baramulla and Batwena, Ganderbal Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) today said it seems the trigger happy government is out to punish the people for its own follies and failures. In a statement the party president Mehbooba Mufti said the killings have brought back worst fears of recession of the surface calm into the tragic events of 2010.

Mehbooba said the death of Ubair of Watrgam and Tariq Ahmed and teenager Zameer Ahmed of Batwena, Ganderbal are the victims of an insecure government that knows no means of dealing with people other than brute force. She said it was futile to expect any fair play from this government as it still owes explanation for its crimes ever since it came into power, 2010 being only the worse. "All those cases  a re awaiting closure in spite of announcements of probes and promises of punishing the perpetrators. Killing of young men has become a USP of this government" she said.

Mehbooba said the fact that the young men in Ganderbal preferred to jump to their death rather than face a trigger happy force ready to shoot or face torture at their hands in case of arrest is an index of fear prevailing in Kashmir. "It is tragic that such incidents are taking place repeatedly and nobody is taking a note of these" she added.
Expressing her solidarity with families of the victims of government terror, Mehbooba said no words could compensate their loss. She said her heart goes out to them in this hour of grave tragedy.