Mehbooba welcomes SAC intervention in political appointments

Ganderbal/Srinagar, February 18 (Scoop News) –:: Referring to the decision of the State Accountability Commission (SAC) to hold an inquiry into the political appointments made by the Omar Abdullah government, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba today said this is the second inquiry after the alleged Haji Yusuf murder case that involves a sitting chief minister for the first time in the country’s history.

She was addressing a workers meeting of the zone committees of Ganderbal district here today where she said we don’t expect Omar to take a moral call on any setback after the Haji Yusuf episode but the SAC intervention could prove positive for the constitutional governance in the state in the long run. “The lawlessness and jungle raj promoted by the present government to serve personal interests needs to be curbed and the SAC initiative in that direction is welcome” she said.

Mehbooba said extending political favours at the cost of public exchequer was nothing new for the national conference but the present government had taken this to new levels. That is why the chief minister’s office as an institution came under cloud for shady deals, corruption charges, criminal acts and expanding business empires and even the person of the chief minister could not remain above board, she regretted. She said this government needs to explain lots of things even beyond the appointments that have resulted in sudden rise in fortunes of politicians, which is now sought to be sidetracked by targeting petty officials.  

About the problems of Ganderbal Mehbooba said even as the place had been represented by three generations of Abdullahs as chief ministers it was only during the brief PDP-congress coalition that major development initiatives had been taken. Under Omar Abdullah the situation has only worsened as his family came into adverse notice for having collected money even from his own constituency representative on the promise of making him a minister. "No chief minister or ruling party could have done it to people who repeatedly voted for them" Mehbooba said.


Appreciating the assertion of various states against attempts at encroachment of their powers by the centre Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president today said dilution of the federal structure could lead to serious problems in a country like ours.

She said “India has reached a stage in political evolution where such attempts will invariably meet stiff resistance”.

Mehbooba said the relations between the centre and states were ideally structured as in case of J&K that could be a model for the entire country but unfortunately the powers of our state had been usurped beyond recognition and 65 years after independence the special status state had even the curfews announced from Delhi. “It will take us a great effort and collective assertion through democratic means to be counted and respected at the national level and PDP would spearhead that effort” she said.


Describing the present coalition as the meekest government the state has ever had Mehbooba said it has virtually been crawling before the central officials while making brave but hollow announcements here on political issues.



Speaking on the occasion PDP general secretary M Dilawar Mir said that NC had always compromised the honour , dignity and resources of the people  for their personal power and benefits.

Among others District vice presidents Bashir Ahmed Mir, Ab Waheed Dar , district secretary Mohammed Shaban,  Zone presidents Gh Rasool Shaheen and Mushtaq Ahmed Shah , Bilal Ahmed Sheikh were also present and spoke on this occasion.