Metropolitan Police Captured Artists in Nepal: No Cause Shown

Purnajit Pun and Mani Chandra Kandel, people’s artists, while they were on the way to their program venues were detained without any reason by the Metropolitan police in Kathmandu on 15 May, the Janadisha daily reported it on 16 May. They have reportedly been released after 14 hours’ of senseless detention. Other national media did not mention this incident.

People’s artists in Nepal work as social ambassadors to promote social and political awareness among the people, mainly the rural population. They sing, dance, compose music and lyrics and act not for money but for social causes. Their main mission is to educate people to fight for their rights.

There are many Bob Marleys in Nepal. A few examples are Ramesh Shrestha, Rayan Shrestha and Jiwan Sharma. Although they are not professional artists working for remuneration, their art performance is usually better than expensive professional artists.

The Nepal government lacks policies regarding such artists.