Millitants Destroy Bridge on Pak-Afghan Highway, Supply to NATO in Afghanistan Suspended

PESHAWAR: Militants blew an important bridge at a distance of 10 kilometer away from the historical place of Babe-e-Khyber on the Pak-Afghan Highway in the Tehsil Jamrud of Khyber Agency Tuesday this morning. “The militants had installed a big self-made big bomb underneath of the bridge that blew with huge blast”, sources in the Political Administration of Khyber Agency, federally administered tribal area in the west of Peshawar.

“Pak-Afghan highway is the only way to Afghanistan and this was an important bridge. Due to its containers loading goods, sensitive equipments and food items for NATO forces in Afghanistan has been suspended”, the sources said to this correspondant. “The destructed 20-meter long bridge is situated between the strong hard mountains of both side and there is no alternative road for smoothing the traffic and supply to NATO forces”, the source added. He revealed that the reconstruction of the destructed bridge may take many many days, because two years ago a bridge near to Ali Masjid aread fled away by flood is still waiting for its construction. “A large number of passenger vehicles, oil tankers and other have been halted in the area and the people faces sever problems”, he further said.