Miracles- life of Jesus


Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary in a Jewish family at Bethlehem in Judea. Not many details of his early life are known. Archangel Gabriel is believed to have conveyed the message to Mary that she will give birth to God’s son, Jesus. Between 30 and 33 A.D. (Anno Domini or the `Year of the Lord’), Jesus appears to have made known his teachings. But, perhaps Jesus was born in 04 BC. (before Christ). But the present reckining of the A.D. is believed to be from the year of the birth of Jesus.

Many miracles are attributed to him such as changing water into wine, curing  many people of their diseases or physical disbilities, or feeding of 5000 people with only five loaves of bread and so on. The word `Christ’ means Redeemer or Messiah, traslated from the Greek word `Christos.’

The teachings of Jesus and his calling God as `father’ was not acceptable to the Jews. The respect with which treated women and the compassion he had for the oppressed group called Samaritans enraged the orthodox Jews. As his followers in Judea and Galilee grew in number, so too did the umber of his eemies increase.

They made the Roman officers to arrest him. He was accused as a `blasphmer’ during his trial. Jesus was sentced to death and was crucified between two thieves. But Jesus did not protest against this setece. He prayed to God forgive his tormentors.