Modesty of womenfolk more heinous crime:JEI JK


Srinagar, January 04(Scoop News) –Jamaat-e-Islami J&K while condemning 0utraging the modesty and integrity of womenfolk, stresses upon the Muslim community in general to follow Islamic etiquettes and manners in their living pattern so that the process of reformation of the society succeeds.



Zahid Ali Advocate,Spokesperson Jamaat-E-Islami,J&K in a statement said that outraging the modesty and integrity of womenfolk is more heinous crime than even killing a person. Islam proposes and decrees a harsh punishment for such crimes.


Statement said that the countries where the Islamic penal laws are in vogue, the rate of crime is negligible as compared toother countries including USA and the European countries.


 Zahid Ali said that even if the fornication is committed with mutual consent of a man and a woman, Islamic law gives no concession to them. But in case of forced rape of women  the crime is more harsher as it amounts to spreading of mischief, disorder and disturbance of public peace and tranquility on the earth and endangering the life, liberty and integrity of womenfolk where the Islamic law allows to award death penalty for such an offence.


There is also the law of retribution in Islam for some grievous injuries inflicted by any person upon another. Such a criminal can be subjected to similar injuries like tooth for tooth, eye for eye, nose for nose and ear for ear,Statement said.

Keeping this law of retribution in view, the offender who poured acid on the face of an innocent woman in Paraypora can also be made liable to the same damage so that all such devilish minded bad elements get deterred from even thinking of committing such a heinous offence,statement said.


Jamaat further appeals the local judiciary to inflict retributive punishments upon such offenders and give no concession to them.


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