Monsoon Reigns Supreme.


 After a week of floods and kingtide the local residents of the state fo Sarawak is still upbeat.

 ’This is a cycle. The one in 2003 was as severe as this one. Forget about Global Warming. This is just not it," says Mr zaini Hamdan of Kampong Hilir, Sibu.

 This region in central Sarawak is used to having occasional floods. This is the point where the mighty Rejang River, the longest river in Malaysia, divided into it’s many tributaries.

 This is the region in Asia where the Monsoon winds reign supreme. From the month of  August to March, wet winds blows across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and northward to Vietnam. In it’s journey, tons of fresh water are distributed causing floods, destruction and not to mention diseases.

 This time around, thousands of homes were inundated, peoples displaced, and political leaders are busy visiting the victims. The recent monsoon will still continue its bad ways, at least until next week.