Muslim ladies permitted to wear veil in court———–Canada Supereme court ruling-

 On Thursday,the top court of Canada ruled in favor of wearing  face-covering  veil  for Canadian Muslim ladies.This is for the first time the issue of a witness wearing a veil has under discussion in the  court of Canada.

The  Supreme court ruled that a Muslim lady wear niqab under certain circumstances.The decision comes in the case of an Ontario women who had filed a case against her uncle and cousin for sexual abuse for years together.


The court held  that the sexually abused Muslim lady should be allowed to wear a face-covering veil on the witness stand.The court framed an outline to aid judges ascertain, on a case-by-case basis,e when the veil would be permitted in the court of law.


Described as a"perfect storm of issue",the court upheld the issue of  right to a fair trial and Muslim religious rights,in certain cases.