My Definition for Being A Human Being

Oft times I believe people forget their actual beginnings of being formed into a human body by God, and people neglect to study God’s word about how He formed them to become a "living" human being. Many people neglect to take care of their God given temple; therefore, they cause themselves pains, sufferings, mental tiredness, and a burn out of their internal systems until it is hard for them to function properly. 

In Genesis 2: 7 the Bible tells us, "The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

When God first formed man, it was only a body without any life whatsoever. It had "no" life and it was as a "dead" body. It’s believed God did this to allow human beings to be able to see that man has "no" power over creating human life nor any other living creature either. God is omnipotent and He holds the key and the formula to form human life and its existence and "no-one" else will ever have this capability.

A body is only a body and without a soul it is only a form of body matter and nothing more. God breathed life into the body He had formed to give it a soul and other functioning body parts which is required for existence and to live upon God’s earthly creation. The soul controls people and gives them the ability to make their own choices in their lives.

God’s body is a spirit and He had to breathe life into His formed body for it to live and to exist in human flesh. It is my opinion this was a miracle…just a breath of air and the body lives and has a soul, heart, mind, lungs, and other body parts a human body requires to live. God gave people a magnificent gift with only a breath of air. 

God’s purpose for giving the human body a heart was for people to be able to express their love and to worship Him first and foremost. The heart controls people’s emotions, feelings, thoughts, loves, hates, and all other feelings. It grants people the opportunity to communicate with God through their prayers and by reading His word.  

God didn’t make any mistakes when He formed the human body. He knew exactly what type of a human body He wanted. Every part of the body is perfect for its own requirement and function; and when people mistreat and abuse their bodies, they’re destroying God’s precious gift to them. It is my opinion people’s body is their temple and they should respect and protect it as their special gift from God. 

It is my opinion that God gave human beings existence to fellowship with Him and to read and to follow His word. God is people’s example to follow and to communicate with during dark and quiet times and in trails and tribulations. I believe God desires to nurture people who are hurting and feeling lost and forgotten. 

It is my opinion human life is precious, and I do believe, it is my temple while I’m here on this earth. I want to love and respect God and His word and I want to strive to be an honest, decent person with good morals and compassions and love for others and with a desire to accomplish my personal goals and aspirations in this life.    

Sole writer of this article is Barbara Kasey Smith along with her souce, the Holy Bible, King James Version, and in the Old Testament and in the verse as stated in the article.