Myanmar Actress Htet Htet Moe Oo Hit the Face of A Reporter from 7 Day News Journal…

The Voice Weekly News Journal and The First Music Journal have been bannd by Ministry of Information for they published the hot news about  a clash between an actress and a reporter.

On  occasion of market promotion party of Johnson & Johnson, Rainbow Bridge(Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Rainbow Bridge Distribution Co., Ltd. held at the Sedona Hotel, Yangon on May 19,evening, reporter Aye Thu San of 7 Day News journal made an interview actress Htat Htat Moe Oo some questions about actress’s marriage-life.It is What about your feeling on the opinion for your repeated marriages in your life? Actress burst into big anger for this question and hit or struck the face of reporter.

Htat Htat Moe Oo has been repeated marriages in her life, one with actor, Min Oo, another with hip-hop singer Annagga and  now with actor Zu Myat Htat about 10 months ago. Myanmar women usually do not do like her.

 Now Judicial Team of Yangon division and Myanmar Writers’  Organization and Myanmar Films Organization are taking action for that clash.

Ministry of Information command  not to publish about that news.

7 Day News Journal and First Music News Journal have been taken action for they expressed that HOT NEWS in their journals.

U Thoung Su Nyein,C.E.O  of 7 Day News Journal is son of Ex.Minister of Foreign Affairs, U win Aung.

Htat Htat Moe Oo is beautiful and young actress and won The Best Actress Award twice.