Myanmar Version of "The Book" Kim Jong Il of North Korea’ destroyed by North Korea

The most wonderful and threatening event happened in Myanmar just 10 days ago.

Hein Latt, author-translater who has translated many books about US President B.Obama,already  posted on my link, is quite famous author for good and fluent translation of some of world-classic books.

Hein Latt,about 63 years old male, Exceutive Director of Popular News Media, won National Literary Award for the year 2002 by the book about, Li Kuan Yu.

A book about Kim has been published just 15 days ago in Myanmar, after complete allowence by Literary Inspectation and Censorship Board of Ministry of Information, Myanmar.

But last 10 days ago, some authorized persons fron North Korea Embassy came to author’s home and censored these books by force without any penny.

Then rumours has spread in Yangon that those books had been destroyed by firing  in compound of North Korea Embassy. Their reason is that in list of references there have been some books from America.

Thse references may be

1- BODANSKY, Yossef;- Crisis in Korea N.Y.,SPI 1994.

2-BRADLEY,Martin- Under The Loving Care of The fatherly Leader N.Y.,Thomas Dunne 2006.

3-BECKER Jasper- Kim Jong Il N.Y.,Oxford,2006.

Pics are cover of this book and list of references shown in some of last pages.