NC-Congress coalition misleading the public : BJP

Jammu, September 25 (Scoop News)-Refuting the assertion made in the Congress’s National Executive Meeting by its National General Secretary Rahul Gandhi that he is most concerned about the Panches and Sarpanches of the state of Jammu & Kashmir as untrue, BJP National Executive and MLA Ashok Khajuria said that his proposal for passing resolution in the forthcoming assembly session of ten days at Srinagar calling for implementing the provisions of 73rd and 74th amendments of the constitution of India has been disallowed. This indicates the sincerity and bonafide of NC-Congress combine ruling the state. He said that passage of the resolution by the assembly would have effectively empowered  the panches and sarpanches and made them effective tools for social change at grass root level in the villages and perhaps would not have been targeted by killers in the valley. He added that panchayati raj can constitute a pillar of primordial importance in the balanced development of rural populace alongwith Urbanites. This was stated by Ashok Khajuria while addressing a press conference alongwith National Executive Member & Leader of the party legislature Jugal Kishore Sharma, MLAs Sukhnandan Kumar and Shyam Choudhary at party hqrs. The MLAs said that they will be raising the issues of public importance in the assembly session as also the issues specific to their respective constituencies.

Jugal Kishore Sharma said that his proposal for passing resolution for one time settlement relief to the displaced persons and registration of all unregister families of PoK internally displaced persons living in and outside the state has been disallowed. The NC-Congress coalition government has no sincere and true concern for the refugees from PoK notwithstanding their occasional mouthing of sympathetic platitudes which they do not believe nor do they actually mean. He further added that the attitude of the government towards these resolutions of BJP MLAs was the litmus test of their bonafide towards panchayats and refugees of 1947 and their action has shown the government’s true colour. Lastly, he said that the duration of the forthcoming assembly session has been deliberately kept very short of ten days to prevent the MLAs from raising issues of public importance and concerning their respective assemblies as also revealing the mis-governance and mal-administration of the NC-Congress coalition government and demanded that special insurance scheme should be launched for the residents of actual Line of Control for their houses live-stocks and agriculture which are damaged by the firing of Pakistani rangers across the LoC .

Shyam Choudhary lamented the extremely poor and ineffective health and educational facilities available in the rural areas. He said that the medical dispensaries and health centres are generally without qualified medical staff. Most of the posted doctors in these centres either go on leave or get themselves attach in Jammu city. The rural people stand thus deprived of benefits of medical facilities available in the villages. The same is the position in respect of schools in villages. The teachers manage to get attached with schools in urban areas and it is because of this that in some of the government school in city has more teachers than the number of students studying in these schools.  He demanded that special allowance should be providing for the doctors and teachers who physically and actually serve in rural areas. This will do to some extent justice to the 80% of the population of the country who live in villages.

Sukhnandan Kumar said that the government should provide wages to all those persons who perform the duties in VDCs and compensation should be paid to the border people who cannot freely go to their lands falling in fenced areas of the border.