Negative People Can Cause Havoc In Everyone’s Life

Commentary: People who have a negative attitude believe that everyone and everything is coming against them to destroy them in some way or another. Negative people are miserable and they make those around them miserable too.

Most people who have a negative attitude didn’t get it overnight, and it’s my opinion, it all started in their early childhood. They may have suffered from constant badgering from other siblings or from their own parents. Their parents might have been people who would not allow their child to speak-up and defend false accusations brought against them.

I’ve found in life when people are not permitted to speak-up and to defend their side of an accusation brought against them, it causes them to build up a negative attitude and to get a get-even or get-back attitude about all of their responses to people. They’re aware there is no use for them to try and defend themselves because they’re not allowed to speak.  

When children are forbid to defend themselves as they’re being accused, they get to a point where they build up a negative attitude and they begin to lash out and to build up a hateful attitude toward others. 

Have you ever experienced not being able to defend yourself or you’ve been prohibited to speak-up in an adult atmosphere as someone is bringing false accusations against you? How did it make you feel? I’m sure you suffered from being insulted and you became angry because you could not defend youself to the crowd and you got a negative attitude toward the overall meeting.  

When people are robbed of their ability to speak their opinions or to defend themselves, it can cause utter chaos internally and they’ll act out in a negative way. No-one should be shut-off and not allowed to defend their opinions or false accusations brought against them.

It is my opinion that many people who are suffering from negative attitudes it was because of a dysfunctional childhood setting, or with adults, when they’re not allowed to speak their opinion or to defend themselves in a group atmosphere.

I also believe that children who have been physically or sexually abused, have a tendency to want to lash out and to have a negative attitude too. When they have been forced to commit an act against their will or they have not been able to physically protect themselves against a physical abuser, this causes them to build-up resentments and a negative attitude too. 

There are a lot of people who want to get rid of their negative attitudes and to become a positive person. They’re tired of not having any friends, family members, co-worker relationships, and other personal issues because of their negativity problems and they want help to rid it from their lives.

Once a person admits they need professional help, they can get rid of their negativity and to become a positive person. They’re wise enough to realize their problems are deep-rooted within their minds and it has caused them to have the negative attitude they have. 

Professional assistance and self-perseverance to rid the negativity in their life will be their greatest assets toward reaching a positive attitude. People who have a positive attitude can achieve many goals in life, but when negativity enters the picture, it can destroy a person’s will and aim to achieve to their fullest goal.

People who are positive thinkers become winners in their lives and they’ll have a lot of positive outcomes too.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article – this is her sole opinion.