Neither autonomy nor self rule can resolve Kashmir issue: Vakil



Kangan,September 18 (Scoop News)- Former Minister and Member AICC Abdul Gani Vakil today said that neither a self rule proposal of the People’s Democratic Party nor autonomy of National Conference can resolve Kashmir issue. They have to understand that Kashmir issue can only be resolved when all the parties including separatists will sit together taking into consideration the aspirations of all the three regions then only a genuine solution will come out by consensus. Resolution of Kashmir issue is enshrined in collective wisdom of the parties concerned, a criterion which the self-rule or autonomy proposal does not fulfill. He said Congress will not allow anybody to use Kashmir issue to change the fortunes or misfortunes of political exploiters. “Kashmir issue cannot be treated as commodity on which dirty politics can be played,” added Vakil. 

While addressing a public meeting at Kangan in district Ganderbal Vakil said that Article 370 is to be strengthened and those communal forces bent upon dividing the state are to be kept at bay, he said divisive forces favoring abrogation of Article 370 were the enemies of state and were trying weakening state’s relation with Centre but he asserted that Congress will leave no stone unturned in defeating evil designs of those forces who are conspiring to weaken Article 370.

Describing corruption as the biggest enemy of the State Vakil said “corruption and nepotism” would have to be fought with firm hands in Jammu and Kashmir, Vakil said there is no room for such people and asked Omar Abdullah to implement law under which during the tenure of Ghulam Nabi Azad, properties of corrupt officials whose assets were proved to be more than their known source of income were seized. “It was because of the introduction of such stringent laws that Jammu and Kashmir State which was once considered as most corrupt state had scaled down to number 20. However, the situation has again reached back to square ones and we are being considered as number two in the list which is quite unfortunate,” He urged Chief Minister to proceed against corrupt in a no-nonsense manner and constitute “an independent, competent and credible commission” because all the institutions like SAC, SVC are rendered defunct by the stay orders got by those ministers and bureaucrats whose cases are pending in these commissions in order to prevent them from investigating their ill gotten wealth.“

While addressing the gathering Vakil said that Congress is quite a relevant force in Jammu and Kashmir State and those undermining it were living in an illusion. He said the significance of Congress party is Jammu and Kashmir is associated with state’s peace and prosperity for which many political leaders and workers have sacrificed their lives. In this context playing a role of B team in the present coalition does not arise. Congress had always been on the forefront when it came to the development, restoration of peace, prosperity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Besides others who addressed the gathering include MLC Haji Ali Mohammad Bhat, District President Ganderbal Ghulam Hassan Shah, Sr. Congress Leader Mohammad Yaqoob Kapra and several others.