Much has been told and heard about the Big Bang theory by Astro-Physists or Darwin’s theory of evolution or other cosmic theories on the origins of Universe and life.  But these theories of Physics or Theories of Complex life forms from the ancestors, or cosmic explosion theories or the latest Inflationary Universe Theories which is also a related theory to Big Bang by and large failed to convince exactly how the Universe took its birth and expanded. Therefore still majority reliance is placed on that, this Universe and life on it, is made by some intelligent Supernatural Designer.


Simply with our common sense we can understand that Explosion can not create some thing new, but when the explosion occurs, small or big, even the existing form gets destroyed. So the theory of great cosmic explosion does not support creation of Universe i.e. matter, energy, stars, time, galaxies and other planets including earth and life on it. So that sudden tremendous cosmic explosion from a ‘singularity’ created the stars, planets in a well designed shapes and arranged in a systematic  manner, instead of throwing them in a scattered manner, and that explosion also put them in a systemic movements and that is what the Astro Physists want to convince the mankind, is all truly incredible. I want to be convinced by some body, that if a cracker on the New Year day is exploded, it must also give birth to some some small sparks, some tiny objects and must place them in the air within our atmospheric surroundings, hovering in a systamatic and well designed and organized manner, like our big stars or planets above our head, at billions of miles away are hanging. The reality is, even if it is uncomparable, if you blast a cracker, all its smashed particles would fall scatteredly and unorganisedly.  But the same has not been applied to cosmic explosion, bringing the laws of physics’ gravitational forces in the way.  In both events it is the explosion occurred, one is some 20 billion years ago which we have not seen and another one is in front of our eyes but no new small tiny things are also created from this explosion.


So, the Cosmic Explosion subsequently interpreted by Scientists by dividing it into different statges as Cosmic evolution, Stellar evolution, Chemical evolution, planetary evolution, organic evolution, Macro evolution and finally Micro evolution, to deliberately explain, how this Universe took birth and later took its plenary shape as is existing today. While Big Bang and its related theories have embraced all the aspects pertaining the Origin of universe to till the origins of life on earth, the Darwin’s evolution of life on earth from a Chimpangee or a Monkey or Whales do not support the origin of mankind from animal ancestors on earth, as still from monkeys, monkeys are generating and from Whales, Whales are taking birth. From Monkeys or Whales man is not taking birth even today. So that is also not convincing quite a good majority.


The only thing that mankind prone to rely is on Theology, or ancient or modern Intelligent Design Theories at least to large extent. The Intelligent Design Theory eventhough argues on logic and science still is not free from great subjective aspect that there is some Intelligent Supernatural Designer behind all the designs that are appearing to our Telescopic knowledge or Satellite knowledge in the Space or on the other plants or on our own planet.


I do not say that scientific theories or scientific temperament should be brushed aside, but still they are unconvincing. Just with our own common sense, if we go on thinking, why planets or stars above our head are systematically placed in a specified orbits and moving in a systematic manner. Who made them to be in a systematic orbits and within a specified distances among themselves and from the earth, who made the various chemical spheres over and above our heads, who created the massive water, who created so many millions of varieties of living beings and trees which are quite different from another in designs and colors of their foliage and flowers and fruits. Who created some millions of creatures on this planet or elsewhere?  These questions are still elementary but never answered properly by any Scientist? And I hope no convincing answer would come in near future.


And even our Disaster management techniques also never perfectly deterred the natural calamities, which still remained indomitable for the human beings. With one Tsunami all our edifices are getting washed away, with one earthquake all our constructions are getting collapsed. Why these forces are more powerful than us?  We are unable to create water in a dried up river, we are unable to create a new animal, and we are unable to create a new human being outside the existing natural intelligence. Hardly we could go upto the moon to one point and never could find what really exist there. Just by looking at the existing nature we are making paints and colorful Arts but we never had the capacity to create the nature. And still the nature is indomitable and space is never seen .1%.


That means we have the spirit of enquiry, scientific temperament to inquire into what is already existing, but we are neither the creators nor supernatural forces. What ever we are trying to findout new are from the existing things only. So, life is getting exhausted over and over in finding something new from the existing things of the nature, but not beyond the nature.


So, if we could believe that some Supernatural designer had already made for us so many things and kept all in well organized manner to lead our life in a meaningful way that could be fruitful to the betterment of our lives instead of challenging the creation of supernatural force. It would be more rational for us to believe that this creation is not made by explosions or expansions but by some creator, then our mind also would rest in peace.  By dchaitanya.